Buncha ENABLERS! ALL OF YOU!! I totally caved...

  1. to the price increase frenzy :hysteric::shame:

    And of all things...I can hardly believe it myself...

    I went JUMBO. And BLACK. Silver hardware.
    Just arrived today and already took her maiden voyage to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.

    I LOOOOOVE it. I was worried about the size being too overwhelming, but it's perfect. The size is a great "wow" factor without being overpowering on my frame, I think.


    There are two more bags I'm considering for 2008 and then I think I'm done unless it's vintage and/or an under retail eBay/consignment find. I can't keep up with these price increases :crybaby: and admittedly, I've been priced out of their target market (DAMN THEM!!)

    And speaking of vintage, here she is pictured with her older and smaller sister:
    Vintage Black Lambskin Flap with GHW
    thanks to Mon and Nat for helping me authenticate this eBay steal.
    She needs some TLC from Chanel as far as some hardware and leather treatment but being that it takes so long to get a bag back I decided to put off sending her to the spa until the summer :yes:

    I do consider myself lucky that I manage to amass quite a bit of haul in the 6 month time that my love affair started with Chanel.
    My family shot for 2007 :girlsigh:
  2. ooooh congratulations

    She looks INCREDIBLE on you!!!

    love that you are using her straight away too, thats a sign of true adoration :biggrin:

    Gorgeous :biggrin:
  3. ooh and I adore your clutch in red ;)
  4. AAHHH she's GORGEOUS!!!
    jumbo is on my wishlist hehee but i dont think i can get it any time soon :sad:
    love your collection btw~
    and yeah i agree...the price increase is SO devastating hehe
  5. that is a gorgeus bag!!! great family shot too!
  6. Fabulous Collection...Love them all and the color you have in your collection. Great picks. The vintage bag is awesome. Congrats you have a collection to be very proud of.:tup:
  7. You look great with that beautiful jumbo! Love your collection, especially that red clutch! :tup:
  8. Great new addition to your fab collection
    (love that adorable pink tote!!)

    congrats and enjoy!
  9. WOW! That is a gorgeous bag and it looks great on you :smile: And your collection is completely drool-worthy :drool: Congrats!
  10. Awww! I caved too. Don't you love it?!? Congrats! I love your collection.
  11. Nice.
    I love your white flap and the red clutch, just gorgeous.
  12. Very nice, the bag looks great on you!
  13. Love them all, esp. the red timeless clutch!! :love:
  14. you look so so so great! congrats!
  15. Great stash! Nice assortment of colors.