Bumrushing Hermes Charlotte :)

  1. So yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with some lovely ladies from the Purse Forum at Southpark mall in Charlotte. Naturally the first place we wanted to go was HERMES!!! In the window display (which I forgot to add in the inventory thread) was a beautiful bolide in rose shocking. I believe it was a 31cm. Anyway, it was absolutely GORGEOUS! That was my first time actually seeing that color and I have fallen in love with it.

    Anyway, I think the SA's were a little shocked to see this group of women just swoop down on the store. But one of the ladies told Jason, the wonderful SA, that we were members of a purse blog. He thought it was too cute and began asking us questions. He then asked who had the biggest purse collection. Of course no one was able to come to a consensus. We pretty much all had about the same number of bags.

    We browsed around, asking questions, and just enjoying the merchandise. I contemplated an evelyne, but decided against it. One of our members did buy a lovely pocket square though. I actually went back a little later before I left and purchased a rose shocking gm zip diary in mysore.

    There was a hac in orange that was divine. And I got the opportunity to see the new dustcover as well. Personally I prefer the orange, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as the dustcover contains an Hermes bag! ;)

    So that was our time in Hermes. And I definitely have to say that Jason is a doll to work with. He's so nice and friendly to work with. Very helpful! If anyone else ventures into that store, definitely try to work with him.
  2. sounds like you had a great day.... Where there any purchases..?
  3. Sounds like you guys had fun! Congrats on your new rose shocking treat!!
  4. Who went from TPF??!!! Sounds like ya'll had a blast. And I would LOOOOOOOVVVEEE to see an Orange HAC. It sounds divine!
  5. Oh, what fun! I'd love to drive down for the next meet up... please let me know....

    Yes, both Jason and Darra are so helpful and nice! I can honestly say that my experience there was certainly the best I've ever had in a retail store.
  6. how fun! no pics?????

    this store sounds so lovely and warm! need to visit charlotte one day!
  7. Sounds like a great time! Pics please!!!
  8. Ahhhh that rose shocking bolide is the one that I have been drooling over there!!! :drool: I know it probably won't be there by the time I can get it, but that *will* be my first Hermes bag, even if I have to go on a mad hunt for one!!!!!! :biggrin: My baby!!! ;_; lol!
  9. ^ Neeya, I thought of you when NG mentioned the Bolide!

    How fun!! NG, why didn't you get the Evelyne? I'm thinking about one very soon.
  10. Glad everyone had fun!!! PICS PLS!!! ;) We want some eye candy!! Congrats on your H purchases!
  11. From all the feedback I think the Charlotte store is a winner in both customer service and inventory. I'm glad you guys had fun. Would love to see pics of your purchase.
  12. sorry i wasn't able to go with you ladies, i love visiting the hermes store :biggrin: hope we can meet up next time, i'd love to make it! off to check the inventory thread :smile:
  13. As often as I go through Charlotte when I travel, I've never made it to the store! I really ought to swing by... :graucho: you ladies made it sound wonderful!

  14. Right you are, Nathansgirl! Customer service Charlotte couldnt be nicer! Jason and Darla were alot of fun.
    Who else was there? Lets see.. in additional to Nathan and I, Prada Psycho, Piperlu, Lib, Kallison, and Charlestonmom who brought her lovely daughter. Is that everybody?
    I actually went in looking not for a birkin ( well I might have considered one!), but a Kelly clutch. Although none were there I looked at a few Kellys and eventually settled for another bolide! I love it... toile and gold leather, size 31. Its being shipped along with an azap wallet in orange. Pics will follow, I promise! Oh yes, also found a few pocket squares to carry home. What a great time we all had! I guess I should try to recall the inventory I saw to report in that thread. Heavens, I know I'll butcher leather colors and names, but I'll do my best!
  15. What a fun day... Any pictures?