Bumps on my cat's chin! Please help?

  1. Hi guys,

    A week ago I noticed some bumps on my parents' cat's chin. I'm taking care of her while they're out of the country. She's a 11 year old spayed female who JUST went to the vet and was deemed healthy.

    The bumps almost look like acne... she's always been a little bald under the chin so it's pretty easy to see... now it looks like she may have been scratching at them because they're a little bloody.

    Should I take her to the vet? You have no idea how difficult this cat is so I am really reluctant to do so for a condition that might fix itself. Should I put some Neosporin on her little bumps?

    Any idea what the bumps could be? I don't really see her itching them... but I imagine she must be or else they wouldn't be bloody/scratched-at.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Oh, I just googled it and there is such a thing as cat acne! LOL Maybe this is it...
  3. ^^yea, there was another thread about this...but I cant seem to find it. Its pretty normal, my dog gets these black head looking things, it super gross lol. But, the vet said shes fine and that its normal and for me to squeeze them gently to let the puss out:wtf::yucky::shocked:
  4. My previous cat had some cat acne at one point. Sometimes they get it when their food and water bowls irritate their skin. I believe you can get medication from the vet for it.
  5. I can't believe cats get acne too....so weird.....and gross...LOL. I'm glad my cat is acne free. :tup:
  6. It could be acne, or allergic dermatitis - the reason I say it might be the latter is because you described the bumps as a little bloody and that the kitty might have been scratching at them. My female cat had dermatitis off and on for a couple of years. It would flare up at random times and she would get patchy spots of these bumps around her neck and at the base of her tail. Because she was scratching them, they would bleed a little and get more irritated.

    The vet would give my cat a shot of a cortico-steroid that would help for a few months, but it usually would come back, though not as strong. He also gave me a topical ointment and spray, both of which helped a ton! I also used all natural, homeopathic treatments from an online homeopathic pet store. After we moved, her symptoms went away and luckily she hasn't had any problems since.

    I would give it a couple of days and see if it goes away. If it doesn't, take the kitty to the vet, just to be sure what exactly it is and get it treated. I hope he feels better soon :smile:
  7. My cat had a pretty bad and reoccuring case of chin acne for most of his life. You can clean her chin with Witch Hazel if she will let you. It doesn't burn. If it is really bad you might want to get her to the vet for a cortisone shot to stop the itching and swelling. Also if you are feeding her out of a plastic bowl you will need to switch to either a ceramic or metal bowl. Same for her water bowl. Some cats have a reaction to food traces left on the plastic bowls. Try not to worry she will be fine.
  8. My cat had acne a few months ago. She's about 10 years old, is spayed and is strictly an indoor cat. It came on suddenly. The vet kept her overnight b/c they had to sedate her to thoroughly clean the area. She wouldn't cooperate while she was awake.

    Anyway, it cleared up nicely with antibiotics. I kept it clean with Clearsil cleansing pads too.

    The vet said that sometimes cats develop acne if their food dish is made of plastic. Ours was so that was an easy solution. We switched to a ceramic bowl and she hasn't been bothered since.

    The vet also said, though, that some cats get acne for no apparent reason.

    Good luck to you and your kitty. I'm sure she can easily be treated.
  9. I had a cat who had this problem- our vet perscribed some medication both oral and topical as well as squeezed out the huge blackheads. We were told to switch from plastic bowls to stainless steel. Something about plastic can seriously irritate a cat's skin.
  10. She has never eaten out of a plastic bowl... her bowls are ceramic.

    Holy cow, I have no idea how you ladies wash your cats' chins... I am practically shredded to pieces and I'm afraid that she just licked all the Neosporin off.
  11. it could also be an ingrown hair, although it's probably more likely it's acne
  12. Sounds like feline acne. take a trip to the vet- a course of antibiotics and an antibacterial wash for his chin ( if possible) should sort it out. Good luck.
  13. This happened to my dog because of ceramic bowls. We have switched all of our animals from ceramic to stainless steel and have no more chin bumps.
  14. Great, thank you! I will get her steel bowls.
  15. http://tinypic.com/r/359fxx5/5

    Above are 2 pictures of my cats chin that surfaced about a week ago.... Is this the cat acne everyone is talking about or does it look like something more serious? I just took away his plastic bowl yesterday and replaced with with just a regular bowl that we have.