Bumps, Bulges & Folds

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  1. No, I'm not talking about my muffin-top belly!!

    It's my epsom Birkin--There's this unsightly "fold" that's developing on the back side right beneath the points of the handles. And it also seems to bulge and have wrinkles along the sides. Is this just the curse of epsom due to its rigidity? No wonder epsom tends to be a little bit of a stepchild amongst its other rich leather siblings.
    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. jehaga......can you post pics so we can take a look at what's happening?
  3. J - I don't know, but I just pissed myself laughing at your muffin-top comment!!! LMAO!!!
  4. ^^^^^^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. ^ another LOLOL!

    J, let's see a pic of the Birkin belly. Maybe stuffing the bag with towels for a few days would help?

    Anyone else with an Epsom B 35 that can shed some light on this?
  6. i need a visual, jehaga.........can't imagine.......
  7. ^Visual of the birkin, and not my belly, right? :graucho: (sorry, couldn't resist!)

    OK, let me get started on it now.
  8. I haven't used my Epsom 35 long enough to see the bulge but I can forsee it developing wrinkles because of it's rigidity...there are some faint folds which weren't there on my Togo 30.
  9. off topic : that blue jean in epsom is just intense and pretty! lovely bag!
  10. I think it is fairly normal, I find that this has happened with my togo and box calf bags too, actually my epsom is the only one that is not "doing that" yet, it may depend how you fill your bag, if the weight inside is evenly distributed, and how heavy it is... personally I do not think it looks bad:shrugs:
  11. I love the blue jean epsom:P
  12. My Vermillion in Chevre Mysore has that bulge in the back too.
  13. ^^ the bulge at the back ... I believe is because of the zipper pocket inside the bag that is making an imprint on the back. Be careful how you store your bag when it is not in use, and also avoid over-stuffing your Birkin.

    I wonder what can be done to re-store your epsom birkin to its good old self? Does anyone know if the craftsman can do anything about it?:confused1:
  14. jehaga, I have a clemence Kelly with the two pockets on the inside front of the bag. I have been putting my folded wallet in one pocket, and my pm agenda in the other.

    Because of the softness of clemence, my Kelly looks like it has breasts in front:lol:

    I took out my wallet and agenda and just put them inside the bag, leaving the pockets unused. Then, I thought.....hey, these pockets are one reason I like the Kelly style. I'm going to use them!

    The pockets were made to be used and for our convenience.....and the leather is soft, so occasionally, we might see bulges.....but, if the bulges bother you, then maybe a purseket or something similar on the inside would help keep your things from pushing the leather into a shape you don't like?

    I guess I need to get a bra for my Kelly:nuts: