bumper pads?

  1. just wondering, what are your points of views on bumper pads regarding sids? i have heard that they can be a concern, just want to know what u all think! thanks! :biggrin:
  2. I talked my dd's pediatrician about this shortly after she was born. The doc told me no bumper pads until dd reaches her first birthday.
  3. my Pedi doesn't recmmend against them, or for them really. But we used them w/ all 3 of our children only removing them when they used them as an "step" to try and climb out!
  4. I dont know if crib bumpers & SIDS are connected. My ped never said anything for or against crib bumpers. I used the one that came with my bedding set at first. Early on my daughter was a stomach/side sleeper & I would always find her smooshed up against the bumper. I took it out and put in a breathable crib bumper. I was very happy with it & felt it was a lot safer. Personally I think the most important things are to have a firm mattress, not too bundled, NO blankets, pillows, stuffed animals until baby is well over a year old.
  5. i've heard the same about not to use them. so i only have a crib skirt on the bed and a sheet.
  6. to be honest, I've been Admin-ing and Modding a twins website for 4 yrs and have heard both sides. . . . repeatedly! LOL!
    I have not seen any hard evidence that bumpers cause SIDS or any other breathing emergencies.
    If you don't smoke and the baby is on his/her back your risk goes down by something incredible like 90% or something.
  7. What I've heard is that it's the same concern with any soft/puffy stuff in the crib, that baby might suffocate. So, if they're flat or stiff, those are considered OK, but the really padded ones aren't. The ones I got with my bedding are pretty pouffy, so I'm considering putting them outside of the crib railings or weaving them through so that they're flattened out and held against the crib slats. I know it sort of defeats the padding purpose, but it will at least show off the cute pattern.
  8. I love them on the crib, but I won't use them.
    I think the risk is suffocation once the baby can roll around on its own?
  9. :shrugs: if the baby can roll on it's own, they would naturally move their head if gasping for air or roll away.
    Really it's peace of mind, I stare at my babies sleeping when they're infants anyways. . . I'm paranoid! LOL! But if you worry about bumpers I'd totally omit them:yes:
  10. I wouldn't use one. Here in Australia the Sids and Kids organisation strongly recommends against using them - because like any soft thing they're a suffocation hazard and also they reduce airflow around the cot and as baby gets older there is also the worry that they can get their head stuck under them.
    For me if there's any question about something I don't use it. Even though lots of people might have used it without any problems imagine if something did happen - I'd never, ever be able to forgive myself.
  11. I've been told and heard that you shouldn't use them.
    But when our son was able to roll around and got his legs stuck in between the railings and we had to go and help him, we put the bumper pads on. He's been fine and is now 15 months.
  12. My son didn't sleep in a crib until 5 months, by then he was rolling around on his own so I used the bumper pad and still do to this day (he is 2). On the occasions that I have taken it off, he cries because he gets his legs stuck.

    I think the bigger issues are blankets and stuffed animals. Then again, I am sure we will put our second child in the crib much sooner so I don't know what exactly I will decide to do then....
  13. :yes::yes: that's exactly what i did!!
  14. I didn't start using them until my son was 7 months old, and only now will I use the brand "Breathable Bumper." It's mesh and not fluffy. He likes to roll around, and constantly gets stuck. This eased my fear, and now his hands and feet stay inside the vehicle at all times. :smile:
  15. We used them w/ DD. We are using a breathable bumper with DS.