Bumper Needs Our Help!!!

  1. Bumpers Needs Your Help!

    It is truly a miracle that little Bumper's is still alive and found her way to PIGS Animal Sanctuary! On a Saturday evening during a torrential thunderstorm, Jefferson County Animal Control received an emergency call regarding a kitten dragging herself across a dark country road. The caller and the animal control officer assumed a car hit her because her entire hind-end was paralyzed.

    Normally, the kitten would wait at animal control until the veterinarian came in for the pre-scheduled weekly euthanasia appointments. This cat, however, just purred in the staff's arms. They did not want her to suffer in a cage for a few days just to be euthanized. So, the call came to PIGS asking if we could help. Although our feline population is at maximum capacity, we could not let the little kitten suffer for days on end.

    Bumpers arrived at PIGS in horrendous condition. Just by looking into her eyes, we could tell she was very tired and sick. Her hind-end, including her tail, was completely lifeless. We quickly realized that her injuries were at least a few weeks old, as she did not have any open wounds or abrasions. The poor little girl had been dragging her body for weeks. Her genitalia were very raw, swollen and filled with maggots. Her potbelly abdomen was distended from roundworms. Due to her injury, she also could not empty her bladder naturally. We manually expressed her bladder and cleaned up the swollen, maggot-filled wounds.

    At the veterinarian's office, x-rays revealed that a car did not hit Bumpers. She had been shot in the back with a pellet gun! The pellet was lodged behind her 13th vertebrae, causing paralysis in her hind legs, bladder and tail. An orthopedic surgeon donated a consultation exam and discussed her options with us. The doctor stated that if there is the "perfect worst place to get shot," this was it. Because there were no visible entry wounds, he said Bumpers must have been shot weeks ago. It truly was a miracle that she has survived outside, by herself, like this for so long.

    The veterinarian stated he could remove the bullet fragments from Bumpers' spine and amputate her tail. There is no guarantee any motion will come back, but there is a chance that she could regain use of her bladder and some movement in her legs. He said that we would have to give her an enormous amount of hospice care after the surgery, if not for the remainder of her life.

    We asked what her quality of life would be if she had surgery. The veterinarian assured us that Bumpers is not in pain. Because she is only eight weeks old, he is positive that she will have an excellent quality of life, even if she cannot walk on all four legs. The veterinarian said that if we were willing to do the hands-on rehabilitation, he would do the surgery for one-third of the normal price. Despite this steep discount, the surgery will still cost PIGS $1000.

    We brought Bumpers home for Labor Day weekend to consider our options. Bumper's is in the Sanctuary house so we can express her bladder every few hours. We are giving her lots of good food, antibiotics and tons of TLC. Bumpers seems to be living her life without pain. She survived being shot in the back, having half of her body paralyzed, and living on the streets at such a tender age. Yet, she purrs when she sees a person approach. She will sit in our laps for hours, "kneading" and purring away.

    Bumpers deserves a chance to live. We, as human beings, need to make amends for the cruelty that some human purposely inflicted on her. PIGS has found an anonymous donor who will match any donations we receive for Bumpers' surgery. The staff at PIGS is willing to take on the additional responsibilities for her intensive, hands-on care.
    Please donate towards Bumpers' medical bills. By going to our website, www.pigs.org, and pressing the "donate" link, you can make a difference. This sweet kitten deserves a chance at a happy life. We need you to make it happen!

    For the animals, Melissa Susko
    Executive Director
    PIGS Animal Sanctuary
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  2. That poor little Angel!! Bless his little heart. I will see what I can do. Thanks for posting.
  3. It just breaks my heart to hear about that poor little angel.... your orginization is wonderful. I am an all-around animal lover , and specificly a cat-person....i have my 3 little babies and they are my life . My Mother's cat Raja was hit by a car 3 years ago and his tail had to be amputated as well, I know how rough it is to express the bladder.
    I am going right now to donate to that sweet babie's care .

    There should be more wonderful and careing people who donate their lives to helping these sweet animals.
  4. Thank you for the support ladies! I just want to clarify that I am not the leader of this organization. I am just a supporter who receives updated information about PIG's wonderful non-for-profit work. I have a soft spot for pigs and this organization is really great at taking in abondoned animals.

    It broke my heart to learn about this kitty and how cruel people can be. I just wanted to see that it was given a fighting chance. Thank you for caring!
  5. Lordguinny-- thankyou for sharing Bumper's story...I hope everything works out for her:sad:
  6. Oh no, I hope Bumper makes it through !
  7. Lordguinny, thanks for telling us about poor Bumper. Hope she makes it, she seems like a fighter.
  8. ^ Ditto. :flowers:
  9. Lordguinny, could you please give us an update on Bumpers' condition every now and then? Thanks.
  10. That poor little thing. That does look like a kind and wonderful organization though, I want to donate.
  11. Any updates, please?

    As an aside, I wrote to PIGS using their contact form on the website and when they replied via email, their email went into the Junk Mail box rather than my hotmail inbox. Lots of rubbish gets into my inbox but when it comes to mail from a wonderful organisation doing sterling work for animals, the filter thinks it's "junk". Aaarrggghhh ...
  12. I was so sad to read what Bumper is going through. I have adopted two rescued dogs and it does get better for them. With love and medical attention, they will regain their strength and happiness. I will definitely give to this cause.
  13. well...there goes my damier ribera mini! PIGS, here I come.