Bump on my tragus piercing....

  1. So I've had my tragus pierced for about a year now. I'm having a bit of an issue with it right now. There's a red bump forming on top of the hole on the outside of the piercing. I've had a few bumps form on the inside before. They were always white and I would just soak it in sea salt and it would go away pretty fast. This one, however, is outside, red and seems to be getting bigger. I know how this happened. I've slept on it a few times over the last few weeks. So when I noticed this starting to form I started soaking it in sea salt again, and also putting witches hazel on it(something a piercer told me to do a while back when I had a problem with it) and I've stopped sleeping on it.

    So I was wondering if 1. is this a keloid or is it just irritated because I slept on it? 2. if it is a keloid, what would be the best thing to do?
    I've attached a pic so you can see what I'm dealing with.

  2. I had my tragus pierced and it developed a keloid. It just never went away. I would keep soaking it but if it doesn't go away you may just have to remove the piercing.
  3. What happened after you removed it? Did it go away?
  4. I had my upper ear pierced and developed a keloid, I think from sleeping on it as well. I tried everything and nothing helped, so I took the earring out. The hole is now closed and I still have the keloid, it's just not as huge as before. You can probably get a steroid injection into it, as I have heard that it helps, but I haven't tried it
  5. I can't say for sure what it is - because I don't know, but I do know that many piercings can cause keloids and those do not go away. but they can subside a bit.
  6. I had my tragus pierced as well for quite some time (about a year or longer) and it developed a large bump like that as well and it just kept getting bigger. I went to the piercer and changed earrings- from a stud to a hoop earring. I soaked it in sea salt, did everything I was supposed to do and it never went away.

    Finally it started looking so ugly for so long that I just took the earring out and it healed and there is a tiny little baby bump that you can't see, but you can feel. My best advice is if it doesn't start to heal to just remove the earring.
  7. I had a keliod develop on my nose piercing. I recommend taking it out and it should heal ok, but you may lose the hole. keliods form on cartilage piercings.
  8. I'm not sure its a keliod. It looks more like a hypertrophic scar. Some of the remedies I've read include soaking a chamomile tea bag on it, and putting tea tree oil on it. I put the tea tree oil on it and now its pretty red. So I think I might try the chamomile tea bag.
  9. I'd remove the earring and see a dermatologist. If that's permanent, you don't want it any bigger.
  10. From the picture, it looks like hypertrophic scarring rather than a keloid.

    Deirdre is right about chamomile tea compresses and tea tree oil, both are commonly used for hypertrophic scarring with a good track record of success.

    What type and size of jewelry do you have in it? What is your aftercare routine?
  11. I can't tell if it's a keloid or what but if I was you I'd see a dermatologist to get the best advice. I had a tragus piercing but it was not meant to be - it never healed up and got irritated/infected all the time (sounds gross... it was!). I guess you never hear about the ones that aren't problematic. Sod's law. :p
  12. I was pierced with a stud last year. I went and changed it to a different stud back in march, but it got infected a few days later, so I went back to the tattoo shop I was pierced at and had the new stud taken out and replaced with a loop. The infection went away after a few weeks. But, I started sleeping on it about 2 weeks ago and this bumped formed. So I've been soaking it in sea salt, but that didnt' really seem to help. But, I have been doing the chamomile tea bag soak the last 2 days and the bump has gone down a lot!! I don't wanna get my hopes up yet, but it looks like its working:smile:
  13. I had one around my piercing in my cartilage and I tried soaking it and everything they told me, and I just didn't notice it getting better at all. I know it sounds crazy, but EMU OIL is the key. Go to a health food store, and get pure Emu oil and put it on it morning and night. It works Wonders!! It's about $20 for 2oz.. BUT you just use a teeny tiny bit each time, and it will last you a really, really long time. I think you'll be amazed with how well it works. Give it a few days, and you'll notice a big difference. Keep cleaning it and just put the oil on it day and night, and you'll be good to go. :smile:
  14. I can't say for sure about your case but I had a similar bump show up and went back to my piercer who told me it was "hypertrophic scarring." I was so scared it was going to be permanent but it went away after I took out the piercing. Bad news was that I had to take out the piercing :tdown:! I still want the piercing but I don't have luck with piercings. My body always seems to "reject" them. But who knows, maybe it would've been OK if I had kept it in there as well but I was just too scared and then distractions kept me from pursuing it again. Hope this helps in some way! I hope it goes away soon! Good luck!
  15. I had these bumps on both my piercings. So I just continued using the antiseptic spray.

    They really bothered me so I was constantly picking at them. To the point that they fell off.

    The piercings have healed well and there is no further scarring or inflammation.

    Not sure I would recommend that to anyone.

    Just sharing my experience...