1. I called JAX and the CS agent told me that the only accessories showing that have been made to match the Soho MultiPrint Hobo is an umbrella and scarf.

    No wristlets yet!!!!
  2. Well just think about how much your bank account will appreciate that :yes: It is going to be taking a big hit with those pink wedge shoes remember :p
  3. Well that's no good!!!!!! Certainly there will be tho, RIGHT??????

  4. lol
  5. LOL!!!

    Candace--I think its time to remove your "Banned until further notice" signature.....doesn't look like you've ever been on one! LOL......:lol:

  6. this is so true!
  7. Candace...can you post a link to your collection? Id love to see all your bags!

  8. it's not all of them, but I have to update more photosCandace Collection
  9. Wow you have such a great collection candac!!

  10. I love your collection!! The ergo belted Hippie is awesome! I want one!!
  11. Candace, you have a beautiful collection! Everything looks so neat and new, looks like you really take good care of everything.