1. My boyfriend was going to buy me the black camo bella bella on eBay but someone beat him to it with the BIN. :sad:
    I wonder how often they come up on evilbay...... I wanted something pirata but I want black camo much more and it's amazing that I could persuade him to buy me a bag at all...!
  2. That's too bad. Hopefully you'll find yourself a bella bella soon. :smile:
  3. lol you should've jumped on it when i commented to your post!

    it's okay, i've seen playground camo more often than playground on eBay so another one will come around :smile:

    hehe, yay for bfs buying bags.. mine paid for my op bella bella. :biggrin: but then again i just bought him an xbox 360 for his birthday.. so we're even :p
  4. ah, don't worry about it. that's happened to most of us at one time or another. that just means something better will come your way.;)
  5. there's one on lj now :smile:
  6. lol i was just going to say that ^^
  7. that sux. that happened to me once. i was adding a new credit card to paypal and just as i finished and went to BIN, it was sold. another will come along. and exactly what kkiimm said, those pop up more often than the tan playgrounds. :yes:
  8. hyper_ballad - that's too bad but i'm crossing my fingers that you'll get one! :smile:
  9. Yep for sure, get a raincheck, and use it soon, he may "FORGET"
  10. hyper_ballad, that stinks! They pop up now and again on eBay/LJ, though.

    I had a total bummer today at Nordstom, there was a Pirata bella in the sale pile but some lady got to it first! Guess I gotta work on my speed shopping skills!

  11. hahaha...i know how that goes. that happen to me at the LS outlet and there was the last ADIOS STAR M/M. We walked into the store the same time, but she was a bit faster. I watched her the whole time, hoping she would put it down, i think she knew i was watching and it convinced her more to buy it. I was so desperate I contemplated snatching it up from her. But, had to remember to be civilized. So I didn't end up getting it :sad:.

    Oh well.
  12. thanks, everyone!
    Damn, I went offline for like 2 hours and missed the one on LJ already!! Maybe it isn't meant to be.........