Bummer.....is this true about let-trade?????

  1. Even though you pay for an item on the let-trade site, you aren't guaranteed the item? I just read on another post that I posted - that it's the 1st one to pay that actually WINS!! Plus, it's only like 5:15am there - ugh!!!

    So I guess, I don't know if I really won the purse? BUMMER, so the only way I will know I won is if/when I receive tracking information? Right, otherwise they will credit my Paypal account - right?

    Ahhh, I knew it was too good to be true....oh well, I hope the Mini Looping is mine - if it's meant to be it's meant to be ....we shall see, I am keeping my fingers crossed! :sweatdrop:
  2. If they are serious about their business you should get it.
  3. Thanks, I hope so!!! :sweatdrop:
  4. ^ Good luck I hope everything will go smoothly..I am waiting for them to contact me rgd bedford. I know they will honor the one from Ebay first because people will leave feedback.
  5. When did you pay for the item you are waiting to hear backm from them about?

    So if you don't win, what happens - they refund you, right?
  6. I think it is a first buy situation, but hopefully you were the first buyer on it. I know when I purchased my pochette I was concerened until I heard back from them. I would think they would refund you your money if you aren't the first person though!!
    I've only heard great things about them. I wish you the best of luck!! Think positive:yes:
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  8. I paid couple before 12 pm, I figure they are sleeping right now. The bag is on the website just hoping no one BIN it .

    The worse scenario is they wil refund me. I don't want refund mind you..I want the bag..lol
  9. So if they sell the bag to someone else because that person paid FIRST, then they're not being serious about their business? :confused1:

    itsgood2beme, don't worry about it. If someone beat you to the bag, then well...that's life! I'm sure you'll be refunded if they don't send it to you. LT has a good rep to keep up and I doubt they'd try to steal your money like that :yes:
  10. Thanks....only time will tell if it was meant to be - but the mini looping purse for only $229.00 ~ what a deal, I checked out completed auctions on eBay and I didn't see the auction there? Oh well, this is my 1st purchase on let-trade - so this is why I am asking :smile: HEE! HEE!
  11. If it helps you at all, everything I've ever bought from them has showed on the site as available for a while afterward, and I always ended up being the buyer anyway... so I'm sending you my lucky vibes!!
  12. This is what's written on their website. On the left side, under their email address.

    "Item go by first pay first get basic, let-trade.com reserve all right to cancel order for security reason(s) & will issue refund immediately for the cancelled order. Thanks."

  13. I think the fact of the matter is that sometimes 2 people are clicking to buy at precisely the same time. I sell a handcrafted one of a kind product (I'm a glass artist) and I have had this happen once or twice in the 8 years I've been selling on my website. Normally when an item sells I either remove it from my site or mark it as sold but like I said, once or twice, 2 people bought at nearly the same instant, so I went with the person whose order and payment came through first. I have been watching LTs site like a hawk lately and I believe the looping bag was there a few days so I bet in all likelihood that there will be no problem whatsoever.
  14. I don't think there will be a problem, I almost had a heart attack buying my silver Spring Street from them, cause I couldn't get the payment to go through, it took several days, but they patiently worked with me and told me not to worry, it was mine. It stayed on the website several days, but it was mine, and came in the most excellent condition I LOVE LT, they're the best. You'll get it, no worries.
  15. Has anyone ever had PayPal problems when trying to pay on let-trade?
    Recently I was frantically trying to buy something before someone else snapped it up and it kept telling me my PayPak login session had expired when I had just logged in! I kept logging in over and over until it finally went through. It took me at least half an hour to buy the darn bag!