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  1. I am new to purse forum. have been reading all you knowledgeable ladies threads and trying to learn about buying on ebay. So I finally find something that I like that is not too much money since I want to start small and the seller is not allowing me to bid since I am new to ebay and with no feedback. Why does that automatically exclude me? Just because I am new does NOT mean I will be a NPB!! I think its so unfair!! There are so many ppl with bidding histories that back out! Why can't I even have a chance to bid so that I can build a history?
    So does this basically mean I don't even have a chance at getting the item??? :yucky:
  2. If you're going to pay through paypal, I wouldn't think it would be a problem. Make sure before you buy anything on ebay or any other site you go to the authentication thread and get them to make sure it's a real chanel and not a fake. Good luck! :smile:
  3. I understand your frustration. Sellers are a little wary of newbies bidding on high value items as they have no history of feedback to go on.
    I think if you email the seller and discuss that you have only just started out and is genuine to buy then they may let you bid. Checkout the eBay form for some pointers. Good luck.
  4. Don't worry, there is hope! Everyone starts somewhere. I do not have any kind of block on 0 feedback bidders, even though I've had a couple of problems, because the majority have worked out just fine. Maybe find a couple of small things you can buy to start out with, as you mentioned, because some sellers want a feedback of 10 or more, which is really not that much.
    Like chubbyshopper said, do email sellers about items you're interested in. Being polite and letting them know you can pay right away by PayPal will go a long way. :smile:
    Welcome, and good luck!
  5. ^ I agree! sometimes sellers just want new members of ebay to contact them first stating their intentions are genuine. good luck! :biggrin:
  6. Don´t worry !
    I only used ebay twice - both times buying Gucci bags - I did not have any problems with no feedback
  7. As a seller you can not actually "block" 0 feedback bidders. I just double checked my ebay account and I can only block bidders that have a -1 or worse feedback. So technically, as a 0 feedback bidder, you could still bid and the seller would be obligated to sell to you (unless they cancel your bid). I would definitely contact the seller first however as a courtesy. I was selling a cell phone on ebay and specifically said in my auction that 0 feedback bidders must contact me before bidding. Of course, someone with 0 feedback ignored that request, waited until the last minute of the auction, bid and won. At least they paid promptly so it all ended well.
  8. Thanks all! I actually did contact him and asked him how I could proceed since I was new to ebay and he is the one who told me he will not deal with me since I am new and a zero feedback bidder! I am just starting out and just want a few nice chanel pieces so I would probably take some time to even get to ten items or more. I even tried through my husbands account.Hhe has bought less than ten items but his reviews from those sellers are stellar. He even refused to deal with him. He is a reputable chanel seller so I am little miffed coz I was hoping to get a vintage jumbo xl thru him.
    Is there any thing I can do since contacting him has not worked?!
  9. At this point, it seems he is set in not dealing with you. There are plenty of other reputable sellers that have and list XL vintage jumbos. I constantly see them listed. Or try malleries.com for reputable sellers or bonanzle. Ebay certainly isn't the be-all-end-all. :smile:

    Let it go with this seller. Plenty of other sellers out there who would love to sell their items.
  10. yes, I guess so. I was going to bid on a small Chanel clutch, and his stuff is known to be authentic and in good condition. Maybe I can get a friend to bid for me but then it kind of defeats the purpose coz then I still have no bid history. ugh!
  11. Shoppinglvr, I wouldn't worry about this. There are plenty of sellers out there who are willing to take your money. If this guy doesn't want to work with you, that's his loss. Keep looking, you'll find something else you love.
  12. I think it's a bit harsh that he won't deal with you even though you contacted him. When I sell a high end item I always ask that members with less than 5 feedback contact me to assure me they're serious about buying which is what you seem to have done, but like the others said, there's plenty of other sellers out there, he doesn't deserve your business.
  13. Personally I would not want to even buy from him after this.......you have been obviously polite and contacted him to purchase an item. He seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder.......find another seller that will treat you better ;)
  14. Sounds like he's been burned badly before or has had an annoying time with new buyers.

    Don't worry, there are lots more Chanels out there. Plus like another poster said, ebay isn't the only place to look for a Chanel. Just keep trying! good luck!
  15. Thanks ladies! I will keep looking. What's frustrating though is that he automatically assumes I will be a problem even though clearly there are lots of ppl with long bidding histories that are NPB or scammers!
    Can u recommend some Chanel sellers that will deal with a newbie?