Bummed...... :(

  1. Okay......

    As we all know, Coach.com updated, and my poor girl, Chelsea was given the pink slip...so....does anyone know how to order her?

    If not....what about this? I am a little iffy about these bags for some reason, though. Does it almost look fake? I found a black one on the Macy*s website...what do you guys think? Opinions? Honest ones....I've got nothing to lose...except for Chelsea...WHY???


    Well, thanks in advance!!!:heart:
  2. I love the gallery tote but the chelsea is just so classic and maybe it is because I have the chelsea satchel, but for some reason I like the chelsea better. I have a outlet by me that is a signature outlet and they get alot of good stuff in. I can keep my eyes open for one and put it on hold for you and you can do a charge send?
  3. You can probably just order through JAX.

    I like the tote you posted, they are in the outlets now :yes:

    ETA: I do like the Chelsea better.
  4. Yeah, you're right...it just doesn't do the same thing for me....

    THANK YOU so much!!!!! If you could do that for me, that would be amazing!!!!

    Thanks so much again, abitzberger!
  5. Have you tried calling JAX?

    I like this style. I don't think this bag looks fake, but I like it better in gold. For me, the silver studs on the black signature gives it a "rocker chic" look which isn't my style. The gold one looks more "resorty" and pops more.
  6. ^^ I agree. Call JAX! They might have it.
  7. No problem! I love to go to the outlet, so this just gives me a reason to tell my fiance heehee and if I happen to find something I like to then I guess I will just have to get it:angel:
  8. I agree, I like the Chelsea satchel better.. and wouldn't mind finding one myself :graucho: I would call JAX and see if they still have them and if so how many. I really hope the hit the outlets though so you can save some money! :tup:
  9. do you know the ID from drilldown of the Chelsea satchel.. I would like to see it again!
  10. I (personally) love the studded gallery.. but thats coming from someone that owns the brown one. XD!! It's just so pretty and shimmery!!

    But if you love the chelsea I'd totally call JAX and try to find it somewhere int he outlets.. If I had an outlet near me i'd totally check to see if they had any there for you. :sad:
  11. LA: call JAX!!!!! I dont think they sold out of this bag b/c it was just on the website yesterday!!! You can order it thru them! Or, if you want, you can call your boutique, order it thru them and they will waive the shipping cost!!!! Good luck and I hope you get it...it's such a CUTE bag!!!!
  12. Well...I hope you "just happen" to find something you like...I mean, it wouldn't be fair to go and find something you like and have to leave w/o it...:graucho:
  13. Oh yes...I wrote it down last night....caz I feared this would happen....#10986....here's a pic of it though..this should make it easier for ya....
  14. ^^^Ugh...that just opened new wounds.....she's so pretty:crybaby:
  15. I hear you about the Chelsea stuff!! I have 3 chelsea bags myself! I hope at least if they are "getting rid" of her, it's only for a short time and not for good.