bummed out?

  1. well....i love LV i LOVE it.I know every bag name,i am on top of new designs coming out,but yet....i am getting tired of wanting my dream bags...because no matter what i do..i dont feel like im getting any closer of getting a bag.
    I only got 1 bag,a mono pochette which I paid myself for my sweet 16.

    Maybe i should give up and get real and say to myself,look your only gonna get what u want when your gonna be 40,
    because my parents dont want to buy me any bags,i dont have enough no matter how i add up and even if i work..with school,its gonna take me months,maybe a year.....

    Im bummed out..sorry for ranting...but i know that there will not be a vuitton for me under the tree this year,or next for that matter.

    :sad:.....:hysteric:Why cant i find a winning lottery ticket? haha...
  2. What's your dream bag?
  3. hmmm...a white multicolor speedy 30 or a damier azur speedy 25...
  4. It will come with time. I didn't get my first LV until I graduated college.
  5. I didn't start collecting LV until I was in my early 30s. Of course before that I wasn't interested either... :smile:
  6. Aww... I know how you feel. I too would love to be able to get my "dream" bags... but I just got mine, the Manhattan GM after wanting it for a year. I was SO happy when I got it. If I were you, I would pay no attention to all of the threads about people getting more and more bags/accessories. I would do you... and when you are ready, you will get another LV. NO ONE has bought me anything from LV but myself and I am 19. I work hard for all of them... Keep working hard and someday one of your dream bags will find its way to you. :smile:
  7. Well, maybe set your sights on the azur speedy 25 first. Save up for it, make a "bag fund" so that every time you get paid, or get money put some aside. The goal for a azur speedy 25 is a lot closer at $595.00, than a mc speedy at $2,000.00.

    You could always ask for money for Christmas or your birthday or any other holiday you celebrate, that way that money could go towards your speedy. For example, if your parents don't want to buy you a bag, ask instead for money as a gift so you can save up for one yourself. You could always start ebaying things as well. That's how my friend bought her first LV, by going through stuff and looking for things that ended up just being clutter around the house and selling it on eBay. She sold a lot of old clothes and some Coach and Dooney bags and within a month she has enough to get her speedy 30!!

    Good luck, you'll get your bag if you really work at it. :tup:
  8. You are putting yourself under a lot of pressure. Wow! At your age, I would have been so lucky to have a pochette! I say be happy with your pochette and in time you will be able to afford more. Education is much more important to finance at this stage of your life.
  9. Find a boyfriend who won't mind spoiling you =]

    on a more serious note..

    perhaps you should save for the damier azur speedy first..it seems more realistic
  10. lolz. I thought of that before too, like how I couldn't afford one LV. I saw my aunt with tons of LV and I just drool. Finally I have the courage to buy my first this July and I'd been buying LV ever since. I'm only 19 so if you works, you will be able to afford one. Don't worry.
  11. Same here :yes:

    Cheer up, it will come with time ;)
  12. I got my first LV at 30! I've always loved the iconic style and the longevity of the brand. I actually have a "bag fund," where I take $10 per pay and stash it away--It took a little over a year to save up for that first bag-damier speedy.

    Just remember--good things are worth waiting for and working for!
  13. well put. I would have loved to have a mono pochette at 16. if you go to school get a good education and work hard you will soon find you have money to save to buy purses or whatever your interests may be. I am in my 20's not far off from where you are and I can buy purses now.
  14. i got my first LV at age 29 (a few months ago). Granted, I wasn't interested in LV or designer stuff before then, but it's not like I could have afforded it anyway (i just finished grad school 6 months ago).

    so i'd say don't give up on your dream bag, just wait and in time you'll eventually be able to get it. its very rewarding when you finally get the bag(s) of your dreams with your own hard-earned $$. i've seen many threads on here where TPF'ers saved for months, even years for their dream bags, and they all were ecstatic when they finally got it. i'm sure you will be too! :smile:
  15. Be patient. I have loved LVs since I was a teenager but could not afford any LVs back then. My first LV was a used Mono Speedy 25 and I paid $40 for it. I then bought a new Mono Pochette 7 years ago. I took a long break since then as I paid for my own wedding, bought a house and had a kid. I also spent the last 3 years focusing on my career.

    I am now in my early 30's and have a great job. I started buying LVs again last year and now own 7 LVs. That doesn't mean that I'll have to spend all my money on LVs. I could buy an LV a month if I want to but I have other priorities such as paying for my kid's private school. All I am saying is that be patient and work hard, your dream bag will happen. Also note that other things will happen along the way and you may have to put your dream bag on hold, but that moment will come one day and you'll get it.