Bummed on Botkier

  1. Why can't I find a Botkier bag I like??? I LOVE so much about the bags; The leather, the great lining, and overall quality. BUT everybag I get I eventually never use because of some issue. With the Bianca it was the turnlock flapover that prevented easy access, With the Crosby Hobo the funky turnlock and zipper side pockets are a pain and the drop length is so short for such a large bag. The Carlton Short Hobo is darling but Hubby says I'm not a Heavy Metal Chick and the turnlock accent says "Heavy Metal". I'm going to sell these so I can get a bag that functions for me. I looked over all of Botkier Bags I could find and NONE appeal to me. What is next?

    I have a Skye and a Tate Gryson but once you have those two there is not much more to choose from that appeals to me. I don't care for Bulga. So I am stuck with Koobas and Gusttos, Gryson, and IFs.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find Botkier bags Non-functioning?
  2. lexie2000: I too have been looking at Botkier. I see all of these pics with celebs carrying them but I have not found one that I am just in love with. I feel like I should like them because of the great leather, lining, etc. I just have not found a style that seems to scream at me to buy it.

    Have you tried Hayden Harnett? I was looking at a few of their bags.
  3. I had a couple of HH bags....but none that appealed to me after awhile. I'll have to look again but I did not care at all for some of their latest stuff.
  4. I feel the same way. I always want Botkier,and one I ordered the Trigger and was sooo excited. I returned it though because it was just too darn heavy. It still saddens me.
  5. Lexie2000 - I love the Botkier for their quality and aesthetic. I only have the Bombay Satchel (which would be too heavy metal for you, yes?) that I absolutely LOVE and it works for me (large opening with two zippers that meet in the middle - sometimes a pain, but I like the look of it). I have been eyeing their other bags, but you have made an excellent point about their function. I have the HH Ana which I like because it's so functional and is more of a tailored looking bag. My suggestion - go to the Botkier website and give them your "two cents"......hopefully, they will take into account your expertise and that you have purchased and used their bags and wanted more function out of them. Good luck.....
    Just from postings on this website - what about Kale bags? Haven't seen IRL - so cannot attest.
  6. I just sold my Bombay Satchel. What a bag that was but a bit too large for my tastes. I certainly have done my part "trying on" Botkiers. I just haven't found one that fit's right.
  7. I love my Trigger hobo that I bought at Lucky Shops-this is the style, but I got the brandy color. It fits on your shoulder and has so many nice pockets. I really like it-even more so because it was only $260 at the sale they had. It's usually $610!
  8. Sorry to hear you didn't like the Bombay satchel. I've been looking at the Bombay line and thought it looked interesting but if you say it's too big I don't know.
  9. Have you ever tried Marc Jacobs? I've been a fan of his since the very beginning. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of some of his more recent styles, but you can still find many of the classic bags on eBay.

    Marc by MJ used to be more casual/fun bags, but I noticed the newer ones are styles that are similar to some of the high-end bags, and the quality is much better.

    I'm thinking that if you like Gryson, you'd probably like MJ, esp the earlier, classic styles (since Gryson came from MJ and many of her bags' components are reminiscent of MJ bags (soft leather, suede linings, etc).
  10. Violawas -
    I also was concerned that the Bombay satchel would be too big for me - but it isn't. I'm short (4'11") and petite in frame, and the bag doesn't overwhelm. I have always worn smaller bags, mostly vintage (that will give you an idea of how small of a bag - ladies in the 40's - 50's didn't carry much) . Now I'm happy that I don't have to cull and restrict what I carry based on the size of my bag. Just my two cents. There's another member of the Forum who just submitted pics of her and the Bombay satchel - do a search and hopefully you'll see it. Hope this helps.
  11. I know what you mean. I bought the square-ish gold metallic tote on sale last year, thinking I'd love it, but I didnt.

    The leather, while initially great, felt like it was lined with foam. I ended up selling it on eBay for what I paid.

    I've since gone to hayden Harnett-love their Havana Hobo, FYI. Its leather is incredible.

    Good luck!
  12. Lexie!

    The Trigger luxe in bronze is one of my favourite bags. There are so many compartments (a middle and one on either side) and extra zippered pockets on the front.
    I really find it a useful bag and I think you'd love it as well.

    I actually thought you already owned one of these as your the one who helped me to find my beauty! :heart:
  13. Sorry to hear that you don't find a Botkier that fits.. I was also considering to recommend you the Trigger - its more versatle and not a lot of the fancy stuff in the way - I thought that is actually quite functional!
    I have the large trigger and a medium trigger!

    But being that this is such an old style - you would have probably tried it already....
    what exactly are you looking for? I mean in terms of requirements and such.. maybe we can put all our heads together and think about it...
  14. i had never tried HH until this forum...i just got the inka large clip hobo and it's gorgeous...i also just got the gustto baca and it's amazing...have you tried gustto?
  15. just re-read your post...yeah, you have tried gusttos...i must say that i love pradas...some of them are so simple in their structure and easy to get in and out of...they hold up really well and imho are worth every penny....:wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: