Bummed. Lost hangtag and new one hasn't arrived....

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  1. Hi all,

    Just over two weeks ago, I lost the hangtag to my large turquoise ergo hobo while shopping. It didn't really surprise me because the hangtag on that particular bag always seems to be getting in the way when I open/close the bag. Oddly enough, I was shopping at the outlet mall when it happened and bought a turtle keyfob to attach to my bag. Once I got in the car and started attaching it, I noticed the hangtag was gone. :sad: Does anyone else have this problem with the ergo hobos?

    I immediately called JAX and asked them to ship a new one. They said it would arrive in a week or so and nothing so far. I'm just a little bummed. I ordered a hangtag once before from JAX and it came right away. Since the turquoise bags are a few years old, I'm afraid they won't have any matching hangtags left.

    Do you think I'm completely out of luck?

  2. I had the same thing happen with my bleecker flap bag too and it took about two weeks for me to get a wierd metal hang tag. it came with a note saying that they ran out of the color I needed :sad: So I went to my outlet and they had the color I needed.
  3. I wouldn't worry just yet. I have never had to order a new hangtag, but I have read from others that they sometimes take a while to be delivered because JAX doesn't consider them to be a priority.

    I hope they are sending you one that matches! If you do not get the right hangtag, you might want to call JAX and tell them because I have also heard that they often send the wrong hangtag!
  4. i got the wrong one the first time then never got one the second time so i got one off of ebay
  5. I ordered one about 2 weeks ago for my Legacy Canvas/Citron Shoulder Bag. They were so nice and said they would send it. So far, no tag.
    Hope you get lucky soon.
  6. On March 20th, I called Jax for a replacement hang tag. They said to give it 7 to 10 business days, and my the time April 8th came around, I called to see if it was sent... and sure enough, it wasnt! So they sent one out the next day and I got it Saturday... i dont know what happened the first time, but it came really fast the second...

    also, the one I got was way off... I gave them the style number of my bag here in my avatar.. I told them I need a *small* shiny hang tag and I got something that is huge, dull, and reminds me of a dog tag!:weird:

    so i'm going to call them again.

    From what i see, getting the right hangtag is usually hit or a definite miss... so good luck!:cool:
  7. I've heard that you'll get a hang tag at some point, but no saying whether it'll be the right one! Somehow, Coach service seems to have been declining, and I think this is one more example of it.
  8. That happened to me with the Ergo Patent Hobo in Black. I lost mine and asked them for a new one; I was exited because they said sure, no problem, and it was free as well.

    TGTBT!! They didn't send me the original patent one that goes with the bag - they claim they don't have it. They send you a brass hang tag instead. I know its unethical but i had to take desperate measures and order another bag and send it back w/o tag.:graucho: A Coach bag is not complete w/o the hangtag. It's their factory, how could they not have the matching hangtag? They should in the event of loss, I would GLADLY have paid for it!
  9. :amazed:
  10. Thanks for your input! I just submitted a request online and hopefully I will get one soon!!!
  11. I have not had that situation yet, but I hope it comes soon! I understand how frustrating it is to have to wait for things to come in the mail!:cursing:
  12. omg, i had the same reaction as ima_
  13. Maybe because people buy bags, steal the hangtags, and then return the bags to Coach... :hrmm:
  14. lmao