Bummed- Legacy french purse wallet in whiskey sold out

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  1. Poor me (not really, I mean, life could be so much worse, but here's my story anyway).

    My older sister was ready to do her holiday shopping, so I told her about the Coach coupon/PCE. She's difficult and wouldn't buy one off ebay herself, so I spend $30 total buying it and shipping it to her. She had to order the whiskey french wallet for me for Christmas b/c the store didn't have it in stock (this was Sunday). She bought herself about $450 worth of merchandise after the discount. Today Coach left her a voicemail saying that the wallet was out of stock and that they had refunded the money to her credit card. So, I'm out $30 on a coupon I didn't get to use (but my sister and her friend did) and I have nothing to show for it. That just plain sucks.
  2. that does suck....so sorry to hear about that. I got a package the other day addressed to me from Hayden and Harrnett I had not ordered anything. I opened it and it was a wonder purse (like a present from the Gods) but I called and sent it back. I thought maybe they would offer me a purse at wholesale since I now have the list...I got a thank you and I should be happy but I really wish they let me order something off the list. We all have to live through our disappointment..but sometimes it's hard cause it sucks.:hysteric:
  3. I just checked coach online and it appears that the legacy french framed purse in whiskey will be available 12/21, if you're still interested.
  4. I'd say that your sister and her friend owe you the $30 bucks for the coupon at least--or a fun little gift for doing the legwork to get them the coupon.
  5. Does anyone know if they will be re-stocking this wallet in whiskey in the retail stores? I know it will be available again online 12/21, but my SA didn't know if they would be getting anymore into the store. I may need to exchange mine and would rather do it at the store. :Push: