Bummed by some #$%@# !!!

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  1. Hey guys, just needing to vent and read your advice. Here's my story:

    I have a fotolog website (where you post pictures and people can sign your guestbook and so on, I'm sure many are familiar with it.) Well, from a few days back, someone has been posting nasty messages about me and my looks. It all started with me quoting Oscar Wilde on the topic of fashion. The first nasty post read: "How can someone who's 100kgs and 1.40 m high talk about fashion?"; to which I did not reply.

    Since I live in Mexico, and the quote I posted was in English (and in no way referring to me being a fashion expert), most of my real friends bashed the person on his/her lack of knowledge in the language because he/she misinterpreted the quote and basically, they dissed his/her post.

    So the arse comes back writing a longer post in a totally broken English (which I will not paste here bc it's long and stupid) trying to show he/she knows how to speak it and STILL bashing me about my weight.

    I did reply to this pointing out all of the basic grammar mistakes that he/she committed.. but I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to delete the posts bc I feel that will show that they're getting the best of me, nor do I want to block my guestbook so only fellow fotologgers can sign bc many of my friends don't belong to the community.

    What would you guys do? I am a little overweight but that's not the point! And yes, it's begininng to get the best out of me. I just don't understand why people are so mean. Any advice surely welcomed.

    Thanks for letting me rant. I just HATE people sometimes!
  2. Obviously, this person is just a [insert favorite curse here]! I would see if there is anyway that you could block him/her from posting on your page. If there is no way to stop them personally and you don't want to close off your page and block your friends, then I would just ignore them [correcting and responding to them just feeds the fact that they are trolls]. You could always let your friends defend you [yea, go friends!] or better, have your friends ignore him/her too. Then after a while, the person will go find someone who will respond to them when they make obnoxious comments.

    Just say: :dftt:

    I'm sorry that they are being such a pain in the :censor:. Good luck with them! And remember that you have great friends who support you!
  3. the best thing advice i can give you is to find out if the site has a way of blocking viewers and if there is block his/her pathetic... but if not just ignore his/her comments and delete them from your page. he obviously has nothing better to do than make people feel horrible. i'm sorry you have to deal with this BS but they're people out there that have nothing else better to do than make put people down. good luck and keep your head up.
  4. I agree, if you can't block this a-hole then just ignore the posts. If you respond in any way, such as correcting grammar or spelling, or whatever, it will just egg them on. This person is a pathetic, lonely loser who just wants attention. Don't give it to him/her. I know it's hard not to be mad and/or hurt but don't let the bastard get you down, they don't even know you.
  5. I wouldn't know what to do. I'm pretty sensitive so it would hurt my feelings too. Just try not to think about it. One negative comment always seems to override all the positives doesn't it? EVERYONE has to endure some kind of ridicule, even Angelina Jolie (yes I'm obsessed with her). I hear some people saying she's butt ugly and needs chap stick and all this other crazy talk and I'm like WHAT? What planet are you from? People will never stop talking smack! I hope you feel better! :heart:
  6. ITA. It's so hard to ignore comments that feel very personal. I think ignoring his comments is the best way if you can't block him, otherwise like the others have said it will just give him reason to come back and post more horrible things. Let's hope that he gets bored and moves on.

    Try not to let it upset you too much. This person doesn't know you, he's nothing, cast him out of your mind, he doesn't exsits. He will soon crawl back into whatever dark hole he crawled out of:yes:
  7. I honestly beleive people only bully and are nasty towards others when they are jealous of you . Obviously this person does not have anything better to do with their time . I personally would delete the messages and wipe the slate clean (you do not want nasty memories only happy ones) Life is too short :yes:
  8. Thanks guys! I think I'm gonna listen to you and delete/ignore the messages. For what she has been posting, I have a pretty good idea of whom it may be. So it's totally not worth it playing her game.

    Thanks for all your advice!
  9. I hope it never happens again and you only receive nice messages from now on x