Bummed and Need to Vent...-

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  1. A few of you know I had an interview at Coach 3 1/2 weeks ago. After a week, I didn't hear anything back so I called (2 weeks ago) to inquire about the status of my application. The manager that interviewed me said that they were still doing interviews and I would either get a call back or something in the mail by the end of that week.

    Well today makes 2 weeks later from the phone call so I called in to ask about it and another manager informed me that they just weren't hiring anyone that they've interviewed recently.

    I asked if there was anyway I could find out what was wrong/needed finesse from my interview for my own personal reference so that I keep that in mind if I apply in the future- and she just brushed me off by saying, "It's not anything wrong with your interview, we just don't want to hire anyone from our recent candidates."

    I have a full time career that I love, I just wanted a part time gig at Coach to be around things I love.

    I'm really bummed because I get ****ty customer service every single time I go into that store (few of you may remember my PCE story and having to go to another state just to get it) and now getting rejected basically is really getting to me. If it were just some no name job, I would brush it off and move on. But it's something that's linked to my most favorite brand and now every time I look at my stuff I think about that damn store/their customer service/and my rejection. Like I'm starting to resent my bags. I hope this is just temporary.

    Oh man, I just realized that I do get an invite for PCE this time around there isn't another Coach store for hours.

    Sigh, well I'm embarrassed about this whole ordeal, but I needed to vent and I felt like I'd be understood here among my fellow Coach tPfers.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Awww, babe, I'm so sorry! Sometimes people just have their noses too far in the air to see what's around them, and we should pity those people because they are far less 'cool' or 'chic,' and worse people, than the ones they look down on. Screw 'em! You don't need 'em. :heart: If you interviewed at our Coach boutique we'd hire you, i know it! I don't know why people have to be like that.
  3. I'm so sorry (((hugs))). That totally sucks and I'm sorry they were so bad about getting back to you! But think about it this way, these are the people you'd be working with! Doesn't sound like a fun bunch! Hang in there!
  4. Obviously the managers in that particular store have their heads shoved where the sun don't shine! They don't hire people who understand CS and they reject someone who would be an asset! I know this hurts a bit right now but I believe this was for the good! :flowers:
  5. I would complain to the corporate office. Obviously, Coach may need to re-evaluate the manager's obvious inability to demonstrate a committment to customer service. It's bad enough that the manager has failed to use proper etiquette in her hiring process, but to pass on that treatment to someone who is a customer is completely unacceptable. I'm sure Coach wouldn't appreciate hearing how their employees are chasing away customers, and exceptional ones at that!
  6. wow that sux . . . but don't let it get to you (you're better than that). definitely don't take it out on your coach obsession either, poor bags . . . crappy SAs.
  7. (((Hugs))) Pyari don't let them get to you.
    Go and do something nice for your self and just forget about them.
  8. I'm sorry that happened

    try to look at it this way: if they act like that, you don't want to work there anyway!

    I would not let it keep me from going in there for PCE. Your money still works and if they are rude, write to corporate.
  9. Sorry to hear that. Don't feel bad, maybe its just not the right time.
  10. maybe you're overqualified? it is a retail job (and a csa, not management) after all right? :yes:
  11. Wow....sorry to hear that. I agree that you should let corporate know how they've acted, and that you probably wouldn't have wanted to work with those people anyway.
  12. awwww Pyari, you of all people should be a manager at coach not even an SA! you know a LOT about coach and you have a lot of coach bags!!! u d think they d get a clue

    i feel the same way you do! i applied to work at coach too and two different managers gave me two different stories :sad: i suggest u apply to another store if theres one nearby?
  13. Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can work at a dept store like Macys. That way you can get a discount on other things like clothes and shoes too and you can work in the handbag dept if you want. Otherwise you could become an ebay seller and shop at outlets and stuff and then sell things but have fun shopping too !
  14. That's such a bummer. It's really too bad there isn't another store near you. This one sounds like a place I wouldn't want to shop at or work at! I would contact corporate too about this, especially since you are such a fantastic customer, you should at least feel comfortable walking into this store to shop!!! (Let alone applying for a job! ugh.)
  15. I am sorry to hear that, PyAri.

    I too know what it feels like to be rejected by Coach (my stupid credit)!

    It will be ok. It's their loss!