Bummed all day but now ELATED!!

  1. Ok so I lost my keys. On my keyring is my LADYBUG keyfob (my first coach keyfob and got it to match my ladybug bag. I've had it since it came out and LOVE it) and the Coach breast cancer keyfob. In addition to that, my ONE AND ONLY car key, house keys, office keys, keys to family members houses, etc, and LOTS of those shopper scan cards.

    So It was lost somehwere between saturday and wednesday (I work with my BF and he drives to work, so I haven't needed my car in a few days). Anyhoo -- I have been going NUTS since discovering my keys were missing.
    I have called everywhere I could think of that I went with no luck.

    Today I had about given up. :cry:


    The best BF ever called a restaurant we went to on Sunday (that I COMPLETELY forgot we even went to) and they had them!!

    Now hopefully they didn't take the keychains off..
    I pick them up tomorrow. Right now I feel so happy and relieved.

    Anyway..thx for listening to my key drama ;)
  2. I love happy endings (and your keychains will be there...being optimistic for you:yes:)
  3. :woohoo: What a relief!! I'm so happy for you! Whew!
  4. I'm glad things worked out for you!! Seems like it's been a good day for you and me both :0)
  5. yay!
  6. yay! i am so glad you found them. hopefully they are just the way you left them!
  7. Yay for happy endings!
  8. glad you'll be getting your keys back! as soon as you do, go straight to lowes or home depot or something and make an extra set!
  9. I've got the Ladybug too and LOVE her! I'm so glad you got your keys back.
  10. wow, so glad it worked out for you! i'll be you were really panicking!
  11. I love happy endings! YAY!
  12. yay!!
  13. I wish it was that easy. My car key is not a normal key.. i have to get a new one from the dealer. But I agree, I need to do that!!
  14. omg last night I tore apart the house like a lunatic. Before I went to bed I put a white cross underneath a bowl (something my grandmother used to tell me) and said a prayer to the saint of lost items. Anyway I didn't sleep well, fitfully dreamed of finding my keys inside the lining of my legacy bag (eek!) and behind furniture. So this morning as the ass crack of dawn, I got up and moved all the furniture around. No keys. Anyway yes.. yay for happy endings!

  15. YAAY im so happy you got them back!!