Bummed about teacher

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  1. This is foolish of me, but I can't help how I am feeling. I just got the letter today about my DD's class assignment and I am really disappointed about which teacher she was assigned. I really had my heart set on another teacher than the one she got. Soooo disappointed.

    Of course I will get over myself, but I just wondered if other people would know what I'm talking about.
  2. Is there a certain reason why you did not want your daugher to be in this teachers class?

    If so, I would bring it up to the principal and ask if your daughter could be moved to a different teacher. My parents and a few others did this so their kids could all be in the same class :smile: But I went to school on a military base where people were constantly coming in and out of the schools, so I guess it was important to the school system that we keep our sense of "normalness"...Know what I mean? I dunno, that's what my parents did and it worked :smile:
  3. Hi! I can understand how you are thinking. I am a teacher and also a parent. my daughter is in 3rd grade. Every year I have hopes that she might have one teacher over another but i always have to remind myself that all the teachers are very good and any teacher she gets will be great. Also remember that a lot goes into class placement for students. Administration takes into account a lot of things in order to place each child into the best environment for them. If you have concerns though I would contact administration now. If there really aren't any concerns you may find that this will be a great year after all!!
  4. When I have a specific preference I always voice it before classes are decided. Of course, the school requests that parents do not ask for certain teachers, but many do. I don't do it very often, but I do have a specific preference for a certain teacher for Kindergarten and first grade.

    My son had a teacher I would not have chosen for him for 2nd grade (it was not important enough to specifically request a different teacher), and it turned out to be a great experience for him. I had met the teacher, and he is one of the few male teachers in the school. He is a little gruff and expects a little more out of the kids, but my son really learned a lot of responsibility from him and had a lot of fun, too. So sometimes an unexpected teacher can be a great thing.
  5. good post! i'm a teacher and mom too. i always give my boys teachers a chance.
  6. Oh, I know it will be ok :yes:. It was just frustrating because we didn't get Ms. X when our son started at the school 4 years ago, and so I thought this time around since I turned in the parent form the same day and had taken advantage of early registration for my DD that there was a great chance for it to happen this time. :shrugs::rolleyes:...

    But I agree, I'm sure Ms. not -X will do great!
  7. me too! LOL!

    All our "friends" are in other classes adn there was one specific teacher I knew I really wanted and we didn't et her.
    My little girl, God bless her, is so easy though. I thought when she read the class list I'd have to go buy her a treat to make her happy, but she looked and thought. . . then said "looks like I'll make some new friends this year!"
    Thank goodness one of us has some perspective 'cause it sure wasn't me! LOL!
  8. I try to be really flexible. Once is awhile there is a teacher I really do not care for their style and only voice my opinion then, so I try to save me 'requests' for those times. KWIM?
  9. I've had such situations and funnily enough some teachers I didn't have a good impression of, DS had a great time with! In general though, our school district is pretty good and the staff at DS's school are great people.

    One thing I have to remember is not to get a negative impression of a teacher just because some other parent might have complained about them to me. I had a friend who did that, her DD was older than my DS and when my son went to a particular teacher's class she was like "Oh, no, that teacher's awful!!". My son had a GREAT time in that class and I just wasted a summer worrying about it!!
  10. ^^Right! One person's personal opinion may have nothing to do with the teacher's ability to be a wonderful teacher! That person may have clashed with the teacher for whatever reason.