Bummed about espadrilles

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  1. I was so excited initially because I ordered the grace espadrilles in the watercolor color and the warehouse actually did have them in stock in my size. They came today...but they are too tight. I had ordered them in a half size up. They are sooooo cute though! But they kill my feet. :crybaby:I think I'll just look at them the rest of today and return them tomorrow. :graucho:
  2. aww that sucks! They do seem slightly tight around the toes, but I love them sooo much! I'd check ebay for the next size up.
  3. Aw that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. Those are adorable shoes, and I don't even like sandals or espadrilles. I agree with karenmae, can you just re-order them another half size up?
  4. Sorry they don't fit!! :sad:

    I've had alot of problems this season with Coach shoes!! They're not fitting right for some reason?!?!? :confused1: The pairs I have from past season all worked in the same size, but the last PCE in Feb/March (for those that remember my issues...), I ended up ordered 4 pairs of sandals - and having to return ALL Four!! It was really frustrating!!

    So... I don't think I will be ordering any more Coach shoes in the near future, and just getting them if I can try them on in person... :wlae:
  5. yeah i wanted to get the grace too, the biggest size is 11 and that didnt fit me... including the irelands i beleive.. weird huh? they wer ejust really really narrow
  6. I am so sorry! That just stinks! I hate it when I have shoe issues!!