Bumblebee Line

  1. Does anyone know if this line will make it to the outlets? I have been to the Leesburg Coach outlet for the last 2 weeks & I've only seen the scarf & keyfob. Has anybody seen the purses at their outlets? Thanks.
  2. ^ Are you talking about the optic signature bags with the bees/lady bugs on them.. or something else?
  3. ^ The lady bugs were a seperate line, and those are in outlets already. The bumblebee line just recently came out a little before summer '06 and I've seen a bumblebee pouch (the one that retails around $98) and mini skinnies at my outlet already.
  4. Yeah I was talking about the signature optic bumblebee..I'm really looking for the flap & mini skinney. I already have the ladybug one, I didn't discover the outlets then so I don't know if the optic ladybug hobos ever made it there. I've seen the ladybug straw totes there. Do you think they will put the bumblebee line in the outlets next summer or should they be going there soon? Ahh..sorry if I'm asking alot, I really want the flap!
  5. LOL yeah I know, that's why I was wondering which line she meant. The ladybug hobos were at an outlet I visited about a month or so ago so I definitely know they're there. My outlet hadn't gotten any of the bumblebees yet though.

    Pursefanatic, I'd recommend going on www.outletbound.com and looking up the phone # for the Coach factory outlet nearest you. Call them up and they'll be able to tell you if they have what you're looking for or if they'll be getting shipments of it in the future. I always do this before I visit and it works like a charm.. they're very helpful :smile:
  6. I don't know but the wedges are ADORABLE!!!
  7. ^ LOL Sorry sparkles48!

    sparkles, Pursefanatic If any of you ladies get something with the ladybugs on it, you must post pictures! Everytime I go to the outlet I stare at it, think about getting something then back out LOL :shame: Maybe you guys can convince me ;]

    edit: Just saw Pursefanatic said she already had something with the ladybugs. Must find picture. . .!
  8. ^ I'm the same way, abandoned!! I'll look at the ladybugs and think they're cute.. and then find something I like more and get that instead :lol: I'll see if I find anything with the bees at the Vegas outlet this weekend.
  9. I don't use the ladybug hobo all that much..it was my first LOL! I have about 6 or 7 purses that I use in rotation depending on outfit. It just looks more classy & dressy than casual. But the bumblebee I haven't figured out what color to get..the lilac or white? I love the white, you could wear it w/ everything but I'd be afraid to use it b/c of the dirty factor & purple is harder to dress with. Ahh..decisions!
  10. They're at the outlets already. The Haggerstown, MD outlet has it last weekend.
  11. I was at Leesburg today. They have the vachetta trimmed lilac bumblebee tote, the matching full-size wristlet and bumblebee silk scarves in two different shades.

    Grumble. They also had the black Chelsea accordian wallet that I just bought in the regular store not quite a month ago. Mine's still got the tags on it....and now it's going back for return. If I still want it, I can go back to the outlet and see if it's still there. They had it for not quite 50% off retail there. Grumble.
  12. anyone have picts of both lines?
  13. I guess I'll go up to the Leesburg outlet tomorrow. Wish me luck ladies in finding the flap!
  14. SQUEAK!!!!!!! omg that line made it's way to the outlet...omg I wanna go and buy it now!!!
  15. Man, I didn't get anything at the outlet today..I really had my hopes up for either a daphne or a bumblebee tote or flap & they had neither. I'm about to call around to different outlets & have the bags transferred if I find one.:smile: