Bumble & Bumble

  1. Is it just me, or has Bumble & Bumble fallen off the planet? They made a cream rinse that I absolutely loved when I was in college (which was only, like, 3 years ago). But now, I can't seem to find ANY of their products!

    Point me in the right direction, girls. Where can I find Bumble & Bumble nowadays?
  2. doesn't sephora carry them? haven't looked for them in a while tho.
  3. I usually just buy it at their NYC salon. If you're not close, I'm sure you can give them a call and maybe they'll ship.

    I've also seen it in a few day spa's and exclusive salons. They are VERY particular who they sell their products to. From what I understand, your salon has to make a certain amount of $$ each year for them to even consider you as a retailer of their products.
  4. drugstore.com carries it
  5. My salon, Carlton, always pushes me to buy bumble and bumble. They have a crapload of it there. Maybe if you have that salon near you go check
  6. JoyBeauty sells them. You can buy it off their website.
  7. I've only seen it in a salon in carmel, ca...thats where i found it..love the stuff..works wonders on my dry hair!
  8. I love Bumble & Bumble, although I haven't used it in a while.
  9. I cant live without my B AND B hair products..LOL>>B AND B has a website..click thru it..it lists all the locations near you...
  10. If you're in San Jose/Bay Area, Dolce Vita Day Spa has it...but drugstore.com has it too. It's $$$ though! I do love their stuff, I end up spending more on products than I do on my haircut.
  11. I agree Jill! I can't live without their products! I've raved over and over their products!!!
  12. I LOVE B&B products. The salon I go to is a B&B salon, so I don't have a problem finding their products.
  13. My salon is also a B&B salon..and they have a ton of products to choose from...hope you find what you are looking for! :yes:
  14. my Central Market carries them
  15. Target carries lots and lots of B&B products! In fact I just bought some tinted lip balm today.