Bumble & Bumble Tonic Lotion (leave-in conditioner)

  1. I love this product too. It smells nice and makes my blow-dried hair look healthier.
  2. I love Bumble&Bumble products! I have the Tonic shampoo (which smells like strong tea tree oil) but feels oh so good!! I need to try this next :smile:
  3. i love this stuff! my hair stylist introduced me to it at my last appointment and i bought a bottle. holy moly this stuff works so well on my super long and thick hair...and it smells so good!
  4. I love this too! I actually bought the travel size one from Sephora to try out first but I'm definitely going to invest in the full-size bottle! I also like the tingly sensation on my head after spraying it on my head, haha.
  5. I bought a travel size of this stuff last week at my hairdresser's and I'm seriously loving it. It smells great and it makes my hair so soft and tangle-free. I'm definitely going to invest in a larger bottle.
  6. Would love to try! Wonder if it would be too heavy for my fine hair though?!
  7. I just bought this today and am hoping it will do wonders for my dry winter scalp and knotty hair. Will report back in a few weeks!
  8. I would love to know when you report back :smile: on the look out for something to help my knotty hair.

  9. I really like it! It isn't SUPER detangling but has still made a big difference for me. I prefer it to other similar products because it feels a lot lighter - I don't need extra things weighing down my already heavy hair...
  10. I keep forgetting to try this when I'm at Sephora.
  11. I have been using this along with the Tonic shampoo to help with my dry scalp and oily hair and it's been amazing. Not only has it normalized my scalp and hair, but it's also helped tame my frizzy hair. I love this stuff and am going to continue buying.
  12. My hairdresser got me to try this, and I love it!! Smells amazing and does wonders!