Bumble & Bumble products

  1. After trying to get Suft Spray and the seaweed hair products with no luck
    because the one salon in my area that sells them is always sold out I found a great selection of their products online at Drugstore.com. Drugstore.com is a great place to shop. They have a good selection of items. I can't wait to get the surf spray for my hair. I think that is my favorite hair product.:yahoo:
  2. I like the Bumble and bumble thinckening spray and the prep. Thank goodness my salon up the street sells it!
  3. love their shampoo for colored hair + thickening spray, not so fond of hair creme... and I'm planning on buying their hair spray, supposed to be one of the best according to review sites :smile: we'll see about that :supacool:
  4. ^ I do love their hair spray (just the regular, in the big pink can), but it's just soooo expensive.

    I also like Tonic and the Thickening Spray. Not so fond of the styling balm, but I do like the styling creme.

    I'd love to try their hair powders, so I wouldn't have to wash my hair everyday.
  5. I really like bumble and bumble.
  6. My daughter swears by the Holding Spray, she has that slightly messy on purpose kinda style and she only uses the B & B Holding spray.
  7. sounds good! :yes:
  8. I use their holding spray which is great, plus their gentle shampoo and regular conditioner. They sell it now at CVS at a great price!