Bumble & Bumble hair powder

  1. Does anyone use it? How do you like it?

    I'm trying to follow my hair stylist's recommendation and not wash my hair everyday but every other day. I cannot deal with the grease so the stylist recommended a hair powder, from Oscar Blandi. It is WHITE powder, while my hair is dark.

    It does work, but I am constantly worried that there are some spots I forgot to fluff and I'd end up looking like someone just poured flour on my head. My hair is even DARKER now, having gotten rid of all the highlights (ugh, so tired of them).
    Aveda used to make hair powders for different shades. Now I am told that they no longer make them.

    I see Bumble & Bumble makes it but I have to order it online b/c my salon does not carry the powder (there is another salon but I refuse to patronize that store).

    I want to know:
    1. consistency/ size of the grain of the powder
    2. scent if any
    3. Does the color blend well with your hair color?

  2. I am using the powder and like it. It has a very fine texture and comes in different colours. I do not have problems with the colour and the smell is ok- overall a great thing.
    There is a spray by Sebastian called "Dry clean only", maybe this would be something for you as it smells very fresh and no worries about powder left in. I simply spray it on, towel it dry and have fresh hair again!
  3. I've used the B & B black hair powder in an aerosol spray and I hated it! It made my hair sticky like I sprayed the roots with hair spray, and if I dared to touch my hair during the day it would turn my fingers black. You could also see spots of black/gray stuff on my hairline if I was not careful. The color would also get on my bathroom counter and walls.

    I originally wanted to try the powder, but the salons were sold out for a number of months and said they were coming out with a "new formula" (the spray). I haven't seen the powder, but I guess they still make it? :confused1:

    Now I just use baby powder applied with a fluffy powder brush. It prevents the white clumpy residue and I have black hair! You swirl the brush in the powder, tap off the excess, and then brush your roots as needed. The results are natural enough for me. :tup:
  4. ^^ Thanks for the heads up. I just checked out the B&B website and B&B has indeed discontinued their powder formula. They have the spray one, so I guess it is a bit different. I don't know if they resolved the color transfer issue though. The powder brush idea is brilliant btw!

    Londonholly - yes, I've seen that spray at the local store. I wasn't sure if it was worth it (seemed similar to Pssst (smells gross btw)) but since it seems that the scent is quite fresh, I think I am going to try this before ordering B&B. Thanks!
  5. I hear that psssst (not sure the # of s's) is just as good as bumble and bumble but much cheaper.
  6. I use B&B White hair powder everyday on my blonde hair and could not live without it. It is seriously one of my favorite products!!
  7. I bought the one for dark hair (I think) and I remember it came in a powder without a pump and I was perplexed about how it worked. Personally I have found that hair powder doesn't work too well on my hair - it doesn't eliminate the grease and just makes my hair feel dirty. I figure that if my hair feels that gross, I'd be better off washing it every day.
  8. Used the black hair powder on my hair, and didn't like it at all. Didn't like the smell, and I didn't feel it worked at all for me.
  9. Same here, love it! (I use the spray one just FYI)
  10. I tried the bumble&bumble and HATED it. It made my hair so stiff and my comb wouldn't run through it. What I did (and it's worked super well) is I went to the drug store, I bought a pressed powder meant for dark skinned girls and a face brush, and I just powder my hair when it looks greasy. My roommate once walked in on me doing it and was like WTF, but she took a page from me and did the same, it works really well and you can spot treat particularly oily parts which is a great thing. Good luck!
  11. ^^I think it's actually a really great idea...because I think the Oscar Blandi powder definitely works for me, as my hair is not overly oily but I can't stand even a bit of greasiness.

    So, things for me to check out this weekend:
    1. Sebastian spray
    2. Dark facial powder.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestion!
  12. Great idea! I'll have to give it a try! :tup:
  13. ^^ There's an idea I would try only my hair is jet jet black....I'll have to settle for the B&B powder.