Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder anyone?

  1. I was reading in a magazine over the weekend about b & b's 'hair powder' which comes in an aerosol spray which is supposed to help absorb oil and make your hair style last longer? Has anyone actually used this?

    I get so annoyed because I go to the shop every 2 weeks to get my hair pressed/flattened and it only lasts 2 days, maybe 3 if I put it in a ponytail on the 3rd day because I have really oily hair, and I would LOVE to figure out a way to extend it another couple of days...
  2. Remember that dry shampoo called Psssssssssssssssssssttttttt?? (im showing my age) that sounds really good though!! When I was in boarding shcool (again a million and 2 years ago) some of the suite mates would use baby powder...Bumble and Bumble has some good products! Let us know if you try the stuff.
  3. hmmm no, I don't remember any beauty products except for prell (squeeze and go from flat to fluffy lol) and "Gee your hair smells terrific" because english is my second language and those two commercials had catchy jingles that I would sing along to LOL...memories!

    I see dry shampoo at the beauty supply stores all the time - maybe I should check it out and see if it actually works?? thank you - you've inspired mer ha!
  4. i have really curly hair and if i've taken the time to flat iron, i want it to last as long as humanly possible. i also have a bad habit of ODing on shine serum and need to mop up my head without taking a shower... :shame:

    i've used the bumble and bumble powder, dry shampoo (it's aresol and usually avaliable in hospitals), babypowder and shalimar body powder. i like the perfumed body powder best (i'm a freak about matching scents) but since they discontinued the one in the bottle and now only have the puff i conserve what i have left....i use baby powder most of the time. babypowder is the most finely textured, CHEAPEST, most avaliable and smells better than the others. the only downside is it's hard to blend for brunnettes. you have to work it through your scalp with your fingers REALLY REALLY well, and even then sometimes it still shows. :hrmm: brushing helps, but sometimes that can make your hair look flat/greasish again if you end up brushing the powder out before it can absorb anything...not a good look. :smile:

    it's also really important that you use name brand baby powder...i know right? why quibble about 2 dollars...but you'd be suprised how many people do. i like johnson and johnson best. the store brand is super clumpy and will not disperse well even on blondes.

    i wasn't crazy about the bumble and bumble...it didn't do any better job absorbing oil than the baby powder and it smelled funky (hard to discribe but kind of powdery/medicinal and plain weird) it was MUCH less hassle to blend than light colored powder but to me (even as a chestnut brunette at the time) it wasn't worth paying 10x the price and searching all over for a bumble and bumble salon in my podunk state. once i found some though, the little bottle did last almost a year, which was nice...but my HUGE 3 dollar bottle of baby powder lasts that long too. hehe. the bumble and bumble does what it says it will...since you're a dark brunette the easier blending might be worth it to you. it comes in four different colors (blonde, red, brown and black) and all the colors are on the way warm/red side except the black which looked pretty neutral.

    i have dry skin and hair and have gone up to 10 days between restyles/shampoos using powder to absorb oil...but my sister is oilier and can only go three or four.

    hope that helps! :smile:

    OH and you can also use aresol hairspray to absorb oil and silicone hair products if you've overdone it and you're in a pinch. i like sebastian shaper and shaper zero.
  5. Argh I used the "Blondish" spray powder, and it rocks!
  6. I've done the babypowder stuff... I am a brunette and if I knew the next morning I wouldn't be able to shower I'd stick some baby powder in my hair and the next morning it wouldn't show the slightest signs of not being washed... plus they came out with some nice scents too, I think mine is like jasmine vanilla? Something like that. You do have to be careful not to put too much, one time I woke up with grey hair cuz it hadn't all absorbed! and ended up having to shower anyway!
  7. I have used the bumble and bumble one and thought it was rubbish. It made my hair really static and limp. Was not at all impressed.
  8. baby powder?? how do you actually put that on? and yes, my problem is that I have curly hair and want to extend the life of my flat iron'd hair ...
  9. After my surgery I could not shower for 2 weeks so it was sponge baths and dry shampoos-I really liked Bumble and Bumble my blonde curls looked a day old (as opposed to a week) and my head smelled fresh but I will say I was using Johnsons' baby powder until I got my sisters' package and that wasnt bad at all either.
  10. i sprinkle some in the palm of my hand (probably about a quarter size or so) then rub my palms together. then i flip my head upside down and distribute it over my scalp, working it in with my fingers really well. make sure you get the front and the back. :smile:
  11. cake beauty has a hair powder and i know its really popular. as soon as they introduced it they cam out with another one for darker hair b/c of the popularity
  12. Sebastian has a product called dry-cleaning. I tried it, and it worked pretty well. it's a spritz and i just sprayed my scalp and it worked fine.. smells OK too.

    I also heard that you can use Bare Essentuals mineral veil on your hair too. (that's what the SA told me, I swear).. I actually tried a little bit once and it was alright.
  13. After my knee surgery, it was very hard to be in the shower long enough to shampoo and condition my hair everyday. I too had read about Bumble & Bumble in a magazine, but it was not available in my color, so I used baby powder and had great success, just make sure to blend it in really well. I still use babypowder went I can shampoo, it works great and smells so good.
  14. wow this all sounds sooo interesting - I am going to try it tonight and see how well I do - I'll keep you posted!
  15. I use baby powder sometimes too. I haven't been really impressed with any of the dry shampoos at the beauty supply,but a touch of baby powder helps. I do have blonde hair,though,so color is not an issue.