bumble and bumble

  1. i'm in LOVE with bumble and bumble products. i recieved some for Christmas, and i've been looking everywhere to buy some.. do they sell their products in drugstores or do i have to buy online? thanks!
  2. Have you checked your local hair salon? The salon where I go to have Bumble & Bumble products :smile:
  3. goto the bumble and bumble website and it will tell you where you can find their products in your area.

    i was really hoping my salon had them, but nope :sad: i really want to try their stuff
  4. Ask where your givers got them.
  5. thanks everyone.. i was lucky enough to find a local salon that sells bumble & bumble and they were having a sale - 15% off all bumble & bumble products. I bought straight lotion, curl creme, and gentle shampoo and conditioner! i'm soo excited.
  6. I love the gentle shampoo! And if you have long hair, I highly recommend the prep spray to detangle your hair after washing.
  7. Recently, I got Gentle shampoo and the conditioner. Last time I got drug store name brands and I cannot believe how much better some salon brands are much, much better.
  8. I buy them off of eBay. I LOVE their Surf Spray.
  9. hair powder SAVES MY LIFE
  10. I love bumble and bumble too. I started off with their Gentle Shampoo, Extra Rich Conditioner, Sumowax, Tonic Spray and their Shine serum thingy. Very very good line!! But sadly, I can't get them in Singapore.. : (
  11. There is a new site out there right now. It's www.mybumbleandbumble.com. They have any Bumble and bumble product you can think of. And their prices are very low. I bought a new Spray de Mode from them and it came in very fast.
  12. Try the damage therapy leave in and rinse out conditioner..I cant live without either!!Its like a MIRACLE on my highlighted dry hair!!!!!
  13. I agree Jill...that Damage therapy line in the red is amazing especially step 3
  14. I love Bumble & Bumble's Curl Conscious conditioner, and have been using it for several years. I get it from http://www.drugstore.com . Their prices are pretty good and you get free shipping with a $49 purchase. Also, they give you rebates for purchases - around 6% I think, and send you an email every so often to let you know how much you've accumulated in rebates and what the credit will be toward your next purchase. They're a class act and I highly recommend them.
  15. They actually just started selling Bumble and Bumble at Target. The line they're selling is pretty limited. They don't have Curl Conscious, which is what I use.