Bumble and Bumble?

  1. Has anyone had any experience with Bumble and Bumble hair products. I have been using Aveda shampoo recently but it's drying my hair right out and I'm thinking of trying B&B. I'm also really interested in their Hair Powder. Has anyone tried these?

    TIA! :tup:
  2. My d-i-l uses it so when I've stayed there, I've asked to borrow it. It's really nice. There are different versions--hers has "sea" in the name, that's all I can recall. It's not readily available to buy around here.
  3. I use the Bumble and Bumble Deeeeeep condtioner. It is a really REALLY GREAT deep conditioner. I love it!

    It saved about five inches on my hair when I was stupid and screwed up my hair with a box color.
  4. Their products are great. I use the sea shampoo/conditioner and I am not sure of the correct name. CVS drugstore is supposed to carry their line. I usually order mine from drugstore.com since the one local salon here that sells their stuff is always out of it.
  5. i thought you could only buy thier products through salons...
  6. even CVS actually has some Bumble and Bumble stuff.
  7. cool! since there aren't too many salons by me that carries it.
  8. I SWEAR BY B AND B products!

    I use the DAMAGE Therapy conditioner..the leave in after I shower AND ALSO the wash out..ITS FREAKIN AMAZING!
    Go to B and B ONLINE to see locations they r sold...It saved my hair!
  9. Love B&B!! I use their shampoo and conditioner and their deep conditioning products. Love them!
  10. I am a firm believer in their products. My hair stylist, Amber, is the former lead stylist there and if shes not pushing japanese products on me from her new salon, she whispers in my ear which B&B to buy. Ricky's in NYC/Hamptons carries it, and actually I DID see it in CVS in southampton this summer.

    I use thickening s&c, and deeeeep c once a week. Loves it. I also have a great hair spray that you put on BEFORE heat, and it helps curls or (if your using a flat iron) straight stay put for up to two days. You never know when or where partying is going to take you, and your hair better keep up ;) I speak from experience, stands up to humidity too!
  11. I've been using B&B for years! I switch between the Coco shampoo/conditioner and the Curl Conscious line depending on whether I'm going curly or straight. I use the whole line. The Grooming Creme is great as is the Curl Creme. I love the Holding Spray too... not the extra hold though, it's too stiff for me. I like the Gloss too! :smile: The only thing I wasn't overly impressed with is the "Do It All" spray. It's a very flexible "working" spray and it just didn't do anything for me.

    Hope that helps!
  12. I love B&B! I use the shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, and the deep conditioner.
  13. I always wondered if expensive shampoo etc was worth it! I guess this thread answers my question!
  14. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! It looks like I have to give it a try!

    Nauticalstar, I was the same as you. Six months ago I started using expensive shampoo and my hair felt lovely, but I can't say I noticed a massive change. But I went back to my old reliable cheap shampoo recently when I ran out of the expensive stuff, and it's then that I really noticed it. I just have way more frizz and it doesn't feel nearly as conditioned and smooth as it does with the pricier stuff. I highly suggest spending the money and trying it out...
  15. I'll probably start with conditioner- I can see how that could make a huge difference! I have wavy/curly hair so it gets dry at times. Thanks for the advice