bumble and bumble? deep conditioner?

  1. I just ordered the B&B thickening shampoo and conditioner but i was also wanting maybe a deep conditioner or something you use once a week... My hair is pretty healthy but I like to do weekly treatments and I know B&B is good stuff.. anyway any opinions on something from B&B or maybe even another brand.. What do you love?
  2. I love B&B's Gentle shampoo and the conditioner from the same line. I think it's called super rich. You would want to try the "deeep" conditioner they've got.

    I love Kerastase products. I swear by the hot pink line for coloured hair, the orange line for dry/damaged hair and the substance construction leave in conditioner from the green line.
  3. I love Deeeeeeeep.

    When I had a horrible dye job (dyed my hair purple by accident...) this SAVED my hair.

    I love it.

    I know you said you wanted Bumble and Bumble products, but if you want a great product for overnight, I really like the Ojon deep conditioner. It's a waxy product that you put on dry hair and you can sleep in it and wash it out in the morning. That stuff also works miracles!
  4. B&B's Treatment lines called "Damage" and "Dehydration" are amazing!
  5. is deeep a once a week thing or a daily thing? I really want to use the thickening shampoo and conditioner daily, I just want something for weekley deep conditioning. Also my hair isnt damaged, I just want it healthier and super shiney so im cautious of something that may weight it down.... thanks ladies =)
  6. I pretty much use B & B products....I have their density treatment set for fine hair. I really like that. You don't use it every day, maybe 1-2x a week.

    I think you will like the thickening line as well. One other line my stylist recommended is the seaweed shampoo/conditioner. Not disgusting like it sounds, but it's gentle enough for everyday use. (My hair is fine, and color-treated...)

    Frederic Fekkai also makes a good deep conditioner.
  7. Deeep has protein in it so you don't want to use that every day. Too much protein can cause breakage. Once a week is great.
  8. Deep treatment is amazing! Great for once a week:yes:
  9. Use DAMAGE THERAPY ...leave in and rinse out conditioner every time u shampoo..It SAVED my hair!LOVES IT!
  10. I went to hair salon for a cut and blow and my hair was pretty dry and damaged a few months ago from dying and hair styling (ghd solved the styling problems) and the stylist used Deeeeeeeep on me and my hair was so luxurious. I use it once a week or every other week and I've noticed a definite difference in the overall softness of my hair and the lessening of dead-end-syndrome. My hair cute was over 2 months ago but my ends look completely alive and not dry and needing a cut, so I can recommend Deeeeeeep.
  11. Thanks, I think ima get some!!!
  12. when i was young i worked at a spa/salon & we carried bumble & bumble... so i got to try most of their products. their shampoo & conditioners are pretty decent.

    but, my favorite bumble & bumble products that i still use are...

    brilliantine (very light texturizing cream... i just use it on the ends of my hair to smooth out the ends w/o weighing it down), surf spray, dry hair powder spray, my boyfriend loves the sumo wax :smile:
  13. How is the B&B thickening shampoo and conditioner?
  14. i think they're pretty decent. i used to use the thickening spray every time i blow dried my hair... i love big hair lol. it works v well, but since then i've discovered other volumizing products that i like a lot better. i really like phyto & ghd volumizing products :tup:
  15. Definitely I have Bumble Deep. Also that Loreal nutritioniste professional(I think that's what is called?) is good too. I think the loreal costs more though. IMO though I don't think I can tell the difference. They're both great.

    From B & B I also love the brilliante (great for straight, hair to texture it up!) and also their thickening spray.