Bum bag Melville

  1. As a male i find it extremely difficult to find a bag to throw my crap in and go about my business. As a bag fanatic i find it extremely difficult to see all of these beautiful bags and know that i cannot carry them for obvious reasons, they were made for women and i'm male. Okay, im fine with all of that. However, I am really needing a bag that i can use for everyday and i DO NOT want a messenger bag. I have my eye on the Bum Bag Melville, but does it look too touristy? or too old? Let's call it what it is, a fanny pack. LOL. I know usually older people where fanny packs and i am only 22. I wouldnt wear it directly facing the front, i never rock my stuff how its supposed to be rocked, i like being different. But just the fact that it is a fanny pack is throwing off my whole vibe. Let me know what you all think, im really leaning towards it.:yes:
  2. ^ personally i feel that if you like something enough, why be bothered with which sex it was specifically designed for? go ahead and buy a tote or something that you'd really love!! maybe a sac plat? :nuts:
  3. No...fanny pack...No....have you seen Wierd Al's new music video "White and Nerdy"? Check it out and then decide:nuts:
  4. i prefer the Damier Geronimos than the Melville. that one is too daggy imo :yes:
  5. I say go for it! i agree with what Brian said about who cares what the intended gender is, I have a male friend who has put a long starp on a Noe, and uses it as a messenger, he certainly rocks that!

    Do what you feel comfortable doing
  6. The young french guys wear there bum bags across the body....
  7. That sounds really cool, do you have any pics?
  8. Im a teenager and I have a Gucci fanny pack/ bum bag. Here in Europe its quite normal for young men to wear them...Ive never saw anyone old wear one here. I saw loads of young men In France wearing bum bags. I think here its good to wear them in large cities but if anyone says anything to you say "European Fashion" LOL ! :nuts:
  9. i like that bum bag! especially on guys. :smile: i saw one of it worn at the back and it looked nice.
  10. Thanks everyone, i am gonna take my time and make sure i invest in something that i absolutely adore. Although my eye is on the bum bag i will still keep my options open. I might need something bigger, I don't know. I know i need something that i can throw things in on the fly because i will be traveling around the city quite often. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. buy a tote like BRIAN said maybe a damier one.
    totes are really really confortable maybe you can get the MM of the antigua collection in black?? that one is beautiful
  12. those bum bags are too smal also
    I got a danube which is bigger and it is too small :p LOL
  13. If you need something that's a bit bigger and not too much more expensive. I am currently loving the loup. It's definitely gonna be my next bag. It's damier geant so you know you can grab it, you can put it down, you can throw stuff in it, that bag's gonna take a beating! Good luck deciding what to get!
  14. Yes the loup is VERY NICE! it is around 800 USD or so so It's very reasonable for what it is indeed. It is a good size, but if you are still thinking smaller may I suggest the Melville messenger in damier. It is around 1200 but MUCH bigger than the bum bag but also a bit smaller than the loup. It is one of my favourite damier men's pieces.
  15. THERE IS A BLACK ANTIGUA???? :wtf: