Bum Bag Bosphore...funky and cute or dorky?

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  1. So for some reason i really like the bum bag bosphore...mainly because it is sorta a bigger, more masculine (haha, even though it isnt very) version of the florentine pochette (+belt) worn by most of the SAs at LV...

    I was just wondering what everyone thought...is it a sorta funky, cute, kitschy, campy item...worn best in summer almost as if on a perpetual holiday...OR is it really pretty dorky and pointless??

    Price-wise, it is comparable to the pochette gange, the pochette melville, and geronimos. I am sorta trying to figure out if i like it or the black mc rift better (which is more traditional in terms of shape and wearability).

    ok...cool...and thankss
  2. I really LOVE the rift....I forget that I have it but the times I have used it, I love it! Very user friendly and NOT so feminine...if that matters?
  3. I think YOU could pull it off and make it look cool! :yes:

  4. HAH! amazingg!
  5. I don't particularly like bum bags but after seeing the pics that nyaao kindly attached I love this one. Only thing is I can't picture it on a guy---SORRY!

    But try it out for yourself it could look great :smile:
  6. I think it is a great bag.

  7. wow that's really helpful actually...the picture of it on a real live guy...;)

    i think it will just come down to how i feel when i get to the store (a little while away)...and how it might look coupled with a big tote (held on the opposite side of the body or something).

    thanks for all your help!!!
  8. Adorable!! Depends on how you rock it though..outfit, your venue, etc.
  9. srq2009, so you are a guy right?

    i think the damier geronimos would suit a guy better.

    otherwise get the damier geant archer?
  10. Great bag if you can pull it off.
  11. I don't personally like it, but if you do, go for it! Don't let anyone else determine your likes and dislikes :yes:

  12. AGREED!
  13. nyaao's pics really showed how a guy could pull it off. (Wooowoo nice job nyaao!) I think it requires a very casual look to stay away from the camp :biggrin:
  14. What does "camp" mean? Also I think it looks GREAT on a guy, I agree on the whole the outfit must be casual in order to pull it off statement.