Bully's blog pulled from web

  1. This is good to hear it may just save a few young lives.....we don't need hurtful, nasty garbage like this on the Net.


    Sophie Elsworth
    January 29, 2008 11:00pm

    A *****Y blog publishing nasty gossip about Brisbane students has been shut down.

    Gossip Girl Brisbane and her MySpace blog were silenced after hundreds of sarcastic and spiteful comments on Brisbane teenagers were removed from the web.

    The blog was created this month and attracted more than 470 users, revealing malicious sexual innuendo, drug problems, love affairs and health woes on hundreds of high school students.

    High school graduate Michaela Chin blew the whistle on the blog to The Courier-Mail last week and was thrilled with the removal of the site.

    "It's great that the website has been taken off, however those who have been gossiped about are still affected," Ms Chin said.

    "Taking down the website won't cause the rumours to stop and the pain they caused is still there.

    "It's only a matter of time before this kind of website re-emerges.

    "Gossip Girl was a perfect example of how serious internet bullying can be."

    Queensland University of Technology's Marilyn Campbell, an expert in cyber bullying, said it was "fabulous" the blog had been shut down.

    "It would be very interesting to know how the website was shut down," Dr Campbell said.

    "The perpetrator may have taken it down themselves and what could have motivated them to do so was having a fear of getting caught."

    MySpace did not return calls from The Courier-Mail last night to explain why the blog had been removed.
  2. I wish they'd pull down other blogs like this as well.. such as NAMBLA, Boychat and Girlchat, pornograpghy sites and the like.

    Common decency is now smothered under the guise of "freedom of speech". Makes me ill.
  3. Wow, glad to hear some sort of action was taken, most of the time, it's too late!
  4. I have to respectfully disagree. I don't know what freedom of speech laws apply in the UK where this happened, but if this were the U.S., I would staunchly support any organization that wanted to promote themselves on the internet, be they NAMBLA, Nazis, Black Panthers, etc., because censorship is a slippery slope. Chip away at the rights of others and we're really just chipping away at our own rights.

    Besides, hosting sites have the right to refuse providing their services to any organization they choose. That, to me, is regulation enough. They have the RIGHT to post their crazy ideas, but they do not have the right to a website for it. Leave it up to them to find the greedy bastards willing to take their money.
  5. I just had to look up NAMBLA... ick! :/ I bet that is run by a bunch of horny 80 year old perverts.

    I agree with your last statement.

  6. It is a paradox. I abhor people that push hate, violence, and I'm almost inclined to agree with Speedy, but I can't. I can always argue against ignorance and hate if I am allowed to speak, but once judges start dictating what can be said, who is going to judge the judges? I already feel like the current administration is putting pressure on people both in government and the press, to say what they want to be said, or suffer the consequences. I feel less 'free' and more paranoid than I did eight years ago, and I'm a perfectly law abiding citizen. I think as long as it is not seditious any speech should be allowed.

    eta: Couldn't people sue this 'gossip girl' for libel or slander?
  7. These sites aren't hosted in the US, it's illegal. Mostly Russian and some other Eureopian countries host them. The ones I mentioned are all about the desire to have sexual contact with children, from a very young age.

    I'm not saying we should take away the freedom of speech from any person, but where is the line drawn for what is acceptable as a species? People are dying because of these types of things, as well as our children are being scoped out by old hairy men who discuss it online as if it were fishing tips.

    I really don't think that when the forefathers of the US wrote the Constitution, they ever dreamed it would be used to promote such deviance.

    Just my humble opinion as always...
  8. I know! That's what makes it so hard. You can report those sites to Southern Poverty Law Center - one of my favorite nonprofits - they monitor hate groups