1. Has it ocurred to anyone that there is such thing as bullying going on around here?

    I think that we ALL should be a little more sensitive & reserved when it comes to posting responses sometimes.

    Some people may take criticism differently than others. You have NO idea who we are behind these computer screen, or what background we come from,how our mind works, or how we respond to situations.

    There has been a handfull of times in the past year & months that I've been here that I have wittnessed some not-so nice bullying. It's not pleasant & I think that we should take into consideration to be careful of what you say or do to others online & this forum in general.

    Just my feedback.
  2. You really need to report any kind of bullying whenever you see it happen. We all want the board to run smoothly and bullying is just ridiculous. We can not be everywhere all the time. Let us know!
  3. What sunshine said!