bullying at work

  1. has anyone ever been bullied a work or know someone who has been a victim?
    i think im being bullied at work and i dont know what to do.
    the problem is with my manager and supervisor and at first i thought i was just being over sensitive but after talking to my dad i realise it has escelated and i am being treated un fairly.
    i dont know what to do, the store i work in doesnt have a HR manager, we have to call a free phone line. and because its my manager and supervisor i feel like im stuck.
  2. What seems to be the problem? Is there no manager above them or another department you can go to

    Of course the easiest solution is quit but it's often easier said than done
  3. hi claire, it started with my new supervisor constantly belittleing me and giving me menial little tasks to do, then i was getting an unfair work load without being asked if it was ok for me to work extra. and now, today my supervisor told my manager that im lying about things to make her look bad, that situations a little complicated though.
  4. I've never had this problem. I know little about proper steps to take. Be sure you document/write down every incident or conversation that falls in this category, along with date, time, what was said and done and who was present; this way you'll have a record to help you.

    Is it a small company? Is that why there's no HR dept. on site? Or a branch of a larger company?
  5. its a big company, a chain of department stores in the UK.
    just to give you an idea of what goes on, we no longer have a customer service desk in store becuse the store manager says the complaints took up too much time.
    everything that goes on in store is wrong but no one has ever spoken up about it.
  6. To me the lying (theirs) about the lying (yours confused yet??) is possibly the biggest issue here it's a short step before you get the blame for something serious. Saying you are lying about things discredits your character and will make other doubt whatever you say if they can say things like this about you what else are they saying.

    You are going to need to keep records on any possibly run ins and if they try to hold any disaplinaries or anything along those lines do not go ahead with it unless you have a witness with you which you are entitled too

    It's a tough one but perhaps you need to start weighing up your options and making your exit plan, consider now that these people may be your future references so it may be better to get out before things turn too sour

    And getting rid of the customer services desk because people complain is stupid, people complain because they have a reason to complain
  7. cherry pie I'm sorry this is happening to you. While it's unfortunate that there's no one on site that you can go to about it, I would suggest that you go through whatever process the company does have in place (you mentioned a concern line that you could call?). If you don't do anything about it, the company could try to use that against you (as in, they could allege that improprieties obviously were not happening because you didn't say anything or do anything about it). They are obligated to investigate and resolve, without retaliation.
  8. ITA, Im so sorry this is happening to you Cherry Pie, I really hope it gets sorted soon. I know this company is a little Crap, I was telling you what happened to my friend well they called her back up and told her to come in for a trail, she worked an hour and half straight out after college and then after working all that time they didnt call her back, luckily shes got another job somewhere else. But the company is real S#it.
    Good luck and let us know what happens :flowers:
  9. thanks florasun. i found it helpful. iv written down whats been happening and im going to call the HR line and send a copy of whats happened to the operations manager and the store manager first thing monday.