Bullseye Wilbury


Whatever U Like, TI
Feb 7, 2007
Okay I know I said I didnt like this much, but I was thinking. I want a bullseye Tee. And the small bag would be cute. I remember seeing this chick at Marshalls once with a Michael Kors bag like the Wilbury and I thought "wow her style is kinda cute"..She had the cute tired look going on with the bag, bed hair and tight a$$ shades..HMMMM thats me on a bad day.....So what do yall think? Yall are my lambie homegirls so I know yall know my collections...


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
I think the Wilbury is SUPER cute. However, I feel like it has too many pockets to handle such a narrow depth. Does that make sense? Whenever, I would go to wear it, I'd end up going to one of my Cyprus bags instead. The stuff I had in my guts post just did fit...there was no room for anything else. Thank goodness I never took the tags off so I ended up returning it. But if it would hold everything you'd require then go for it.

I was sad to see my Wilbury go...but my Bullseye tee looks just as good with my BE Exeter so no real loss. :P