Bullet Journal Discussion: Please share Pics and Tips

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  1. I am going to start with some basics. I would love to be able to incorporate many facets. I have spent time reviewing the video and website.
    My plan is to check back in , maybe in a few days, if only to share my progress.
  2. Hi all!

    I'm still going strong with my journals. I keep a regular planner for work stuff at work, and I minimally duplicate it in my personal journal. Personal stuff stays in my personal journal. It helps me keep track of my lists of to-do items, what I've actually completed and still need to do, and when things happened. I've found that I don't do page numbers or keep a table of contents because my tabs keep everything compartmentalized and that works best for me. I still prefer dot grid over lined or blank paper and I'm still using a spiral back that lays flat. Lots more color and stickers though. I also still love my fountain pen, though I haven't branched out to any other brands or points.
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  3. Mine won't be pretty like yours. I am an artist who is a little exhausted from painting to much lately but I do still want to try . It sounds interesting and very functional.
  4. Just got my bullet journal in the mail today and also found a small graph paper note book that I already had. Don’t really know where to begin but I am looking forward to start. Do you start a new one each year ?
  5. I work in education and my son is still in school, so I usually start mine to coincide with the public school calendars. I start a new one every August, with an overlap of August. August closing year is for "planning" and August new year records what actually happened. So far this has worked well for me.
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