Bullet Journal Discussion: Please share Pics and Tips

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  1. I'm using one I got here in Japan. The company is Page M. The schedules here a very detailed, it has a map and times zones in the back, as well as a size chart and ages depending on the year a person was born. I'm getting a feel for what I like in a journal still, so something with a lot of room for writing each about each day as well as for a to-do list is ideal. Unfortunately this journal doesn't have a lot of daily space but It it's very cute which motivates me to use it everyday. I can post some pictures if you want!
  2. Oooh! Oooh! Me too!! I have a Leuchtturm1917 en route to me right now and I'm excited to start this again. I tried it last year and I have to admit, I got caught up in what some other users mentioned here - I wanted it to look perfect and organized and beautiful. And that's just not realistic. I ended up using a lot of the same habits throughout the year and I'm excited to start fresh this year and just make it what I want it to be. I think that's actually the point of a lot of articles you can find on these - yes there are artists who make them look like they should be in a museum, but I draw crooked stick people and I still want one. So mine is just going to look like me. Crooked lines and a lot of thoughts and tracking.

    I like the idea of tracking things like water consumption, sleep, etc but I'll add those in as I adjust to the rest. That's the beauty of this, right?
  3. I keep reading about that journal type. What makes it so popular? What made you choose it?

    I actually like the crooked lines and stick people in mine, too. It may not look not looks slick and professional, and I like how you said it "looks like me".
  4. I'm sorry, I no longer get notifications so I never know when someone quoted me!

    I read a lot of comparisons between this and the Moleskine and in the end the two things that steered me to this one are: supposedly better paper with less bleeding through and that it truly will lie flat when open so you can write across both pages. I just got it in the mail yesterday so I'll report back on if those are true!
  5. I love Leuchtturm journals and prefer them over Moleskine.
    The overall quality is better imo at a lower price point.
  6. Hello!

    now this idea of bullet journaling DID trigger something. :biggrin:
    I am sewing notebooks and started photo journaling. Typing on a vintage typewriter, using washi tapes, oh my!
    SDIM2861.JPG SDIM2871 Kopie.jpg
    Plus: I keep using my Bullet Journal I started in October. I guess I am on track.
  7. That really looks wonderful. So stylish and contemplating. I really like the vintage appeal to it.
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  8. Thank you!

    The photo journal delivers the clean stylish look I will probaly never achieve with my bullet journal. My bullet journal is a mess!
    Every new week starts neat and clean .... and after 7 days it looks like a battle ground!
    PS: I had to take a blurry photo of the past week, because the pages show too much information.

    SDIM2936.jpg SDIM2940.jpg
  9. Ahhh!

    I just bought my first fountain pen..... a pilot vanishing point with an extra fine nib. I'm in love! I've used ball point and roller ball and gel pens and markers, but this a whole other level. So flowy and easy to write! I don't have to watch out for ink or press hard... it's such a light touch. It makes me wish I'd started using them earlier.

    Who else uses fountain pens?
  10. Hi,

    On the left my 2017 journal, on the right my workshop notebook (both by Victoria's journals) and on the lower right, my Agenda.



    Kind regards,
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  11. I love journaling! Regular, bullet, all types. Washi tape, stencils, pens, stickers, seriously its as obsessive as bags! I actually just bought a super cute LV notebook to do some journaling in, hoping it works out. The paper doesn't look too fountain pen friendly!
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  12. Hello selenite! I would love to see your journals.

    I just recently re-discovered my roots ... my love for journaling dates waaay back. :smile:
    and this is "now":

    PS: You don't know the magic of Washi tapes until you know Washi tapes. They.are.the.best! :biggrin:
  13. Oh wow awesome!!!! I am not much of an artist but I love to think that my pages all have meaning. Washi is a thing of beauty and seriously one can never have too many rolls.

    What is your paper of choice? I'm always interested to hear answers to that question. It's why I fell so far down he rabbit hole!
  14. Hi hi! Giving this a bump as a few of us from the Bags, bags, bags end of things have been discussing the Bullet Journal.
  15. I am looking in to doing one just for health . I already bought a yearly planner that works great for my everyday appointments.
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