Bullet Journal Discussion: Please share Pics and Tips

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  1. Hi all! Who else on tPF keeps a bullet journal?

    I just recently got into bullet journaling at the suggestion of a coworker. The older I get, the more I find I need to write things down - hand written and not just a reminder in my phone. I kept an LV planner previously and found success with that, but it was the mini and too small for what I really wanted. It also had never occurred to me to totally custom the inside.

    When I started this one, I went up a size found this worked so much better for me. It took me longer than expected, but it was actually really soothing to set up the lines and organization of it and think about all I wanted to include. It was fun to decorate everything myself, too.

  2. I had heard the term lately, but still had to look up what this was. I suppose this is how I've always operated (only, using a spiral bound customized notebook), but at a glance it would appear as though it's more along the lines of organized chaos.

    I have a Moleskine planner coming this month, so I'm looking forward to that since I really just love office supplies in general! Nerd, I know!

    I love your tabs on your journal - those help tremendously, IMO.
  3. One of my coworkers is full blown into it, though I didn't know until she saw mine. She orders off of etsy for customized pages and stamps. She also likes to paper craft. For me, I liked the idea of having everything in one place instead of all over. I had a planner I used for work, a collection of index cards for habit tracking, a journal, a planner/calendar for personal stuff... and nothing store bought ever seems personalized enough.

    I didn't know about bullet journals until october, when my coworkers shared a few pages of how she was tracking daily goals as part it. Blew my mind! lol I googled the term and wound up skimming the Buzzfeed article about it, because I have no patience to watch the videos on the bulletjournal website.

    I wound up numbering the pages, leaving space for title page, table of contents, and then started in on yearly, then by month overview, then weekly. I like using colorful tabs so I have it all tabbed out. I have the planner section by month and a separate section for tracking daily goals (practice duolingo, read a non-work related novel, etc) along with a list of gratitudes and a section full of stickies for shopping lists. lol I still have a whole bunch of unassigned pages, though.

  4. Had to research "bullet journal," also.
    Wow. Have we all so lost touch with moving pen over paper?
    Because of tech gadgets?
    Good to see this revival.:tup:

    I suppose my method has a less catchy name.
    And is broken into 2 parts--wall calendar & small notebook:
    1) I write appointments/deadlines/travel plans, etc on calendar. In my kitchen. Where I see it.
    2) Notebook stays in my handbag. Portable, accessible. Is bit of a jumble, really--
    interesting quote/doodle of a fox/brief grocery list/address & phone number needed/thoughts about painting viewed/etc.
    --all trailing down same page. On & on, until full. Then start another.
    Stream of consciousness.

    A bonus is the odd format inspires me, when reread later.
    Strange juxtapositions & quirky doings.
    Fuel for future creativity & musings.
    Some notebooks linger inside my desk drawer for years. Providing brain sparks.

    Hope helps.
  5. So, like a DIY Filofax then? I did this in the 90s, and now I feel old LOL
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  6. No need to feel old! All great things come around again....not too sure this type of to-do/journaling ever went out of style completely.
    Personally I love to make lists and write things down. Keeps me grounded.
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    Ah! I google image'd filofax and it does look very similar! I wondered why it looked familiar and then I realized I actually still have a small ring agenda from LV and I used blank filofax inserts as replacements . I stopped using the pm agenda while ago as it was too small for me and the layout wasn't flexible enough. I really, really like the dot grid and something that will lay completely flat. My PM has a koala lock and the bump on the latch keeps it from laying all the way down.

    I keep a lot of lists duplicated and triplicated in google drive, but it's really helpful to not have to log in to check something.
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    I was hoping for a thread at TPF, so thank you @Junkenpo !

    I use a journal at the moment - a Rhodia notebook - which is far from being a bullet journal.
    Mostly because my handwriting doesn't look anythign like the handwriting in 95% of the videos I've watched. My letters are much bigger, which makes a huge difference.

    There are a many ideas I like about bullet journals, the "Movie night" page f.e., where you leave space for movies you are going to watch.

    But, I have admit, and that's why I glad someone recently brought up the topic – there are many aspects that make me feel really uncomfortable, when I watch the videos and reading the blogs. Besides the perfection (perfect hand writing, perfect layouts, perfect neat markers) it's mostly the constant tracking of one's life.
    ... tracking of healthy meals, tracking of sleep, tracking of gratefulness.
    Lists that tell someone what to do before he/she goes to bed, to sit down and plan the next day, to go through to-do-lists ...
    To me this creates the image of an overly managed life, almost obsessive with measuring every hour, every event, everything.

    Even more disturbing - to me - is the time and effort, young people invest in those pages. Some pages are filled with crosses, squares, lines, every hour of every day gets written down, at least from 6am til midnight, when did I wake up, how long did I exercise, laundry, work, lunch, meditate ... everything gets logged.
    Me those images make me feel uneasy. They look like OCD-symptoms.
    I do know that we live in a time where people love to track every step they take. So the bullet journal is probably just the analogue sibling of the smartphone apps.

    @Junkenpo "One of my coworkers is full blown into it,..." - my guess is that your coworker also loves to track his/her life ?
    I am certain that a having nice journal is something wonderful, especially for people like me/you, how love lists. But what is too much?
    The buzzfeed-article and the discussion following the article are interesting.
    One readers described the "rules" as "rigid". I understand that those journals are meant to let your creativity flow.
    But having seen those 100% planned structured notebooks I sense an undercurrent which I can not quite name. Maybe you are familiar with the phenomenon, where people watch videos because of sounds other people make and record? Both topics – ASMR and need to track almost everything – have been topics in the weekend issues in large German newspapers. There are some strange trends happening in our world.

    I would love to hear from you how you feel when you watch bullet journal videos, where people spend hours to explain pages in their journals.
    I feel like I am falling out of love with the idea of a bullet journal. ;)

    PS: This weekend I really want to sit down and start to layout future months and weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    My background and experience with journals and handwriting:
    I grew up with small agendas, mostly gifts from the local bank or drugstores. And I wrote a diary from 12 - ca. 28yrs
    As a student I organized my life with a super nice red Filofax.
    Later on I loved, loved loved (!) Paperblanks - until they became too small. ;)
    What I loved about Paperblanks was the phantastic quality of the paper.
    I also like Rhodia and Clairefontaine paper.
    A few years ago I tried to start scrap-booking but in the end I just bought supplies and hardly ever scrapped ;)
    When I attended language courses I started to write with fountain pens, because I love to learn languages "by hand". For me handwritten homework works much better than lessons typed on the computer.

    Long story short:
    - I love to play with paper
    - I love to write
    - anything creative pleases me
    - I love to plan and organise

    That's how I ended up watching YT videos on bullet journals and reading blog postings on bullet journals.
  9. I think you are right that smartphone apps are just the natural digital extension of our original analog lists and trackers. I think some people may take it too far and that's similar to any other hobby or habit. People find things that resonate with them and revolve their lives around it, rather than use it as a tool to support their interests. I think it goes too far when it interferes with positive mental health/relationships and making a living.

    For me, I'm using it to help set up and organize positive routines and habits, a reminder that long-term goals require intermittent steps. I have terrible handwriting and no artistic ability. lol I have not watched any videos, only read that one article and then skimmed google images and instagram for more examples. I agree there are some beautiful journals out there! There are so many options. I only took what I thought would work for me, then admired and discarded the rest. I think that's how I've managed to stay in love with my bullet journal. Although I still totally forgot my dentist appointment last week. Oops. :rolleyes:
  10. Oh no, too bad about the dentist appointment. :amazed:

    Did you know there are stencils available? All those cute markers etc aren't sketched/drawn by hand but mere copies from stencils. :P

    I admit: I DO enjoy this new hobby.
    I like the concept of empty pages where I can write down anything that comes to my mind.
    Today I made a list of friends, who will get a Christmas card. I organised the list with little markers:
    - abroad
    - national
    - selfmade (=cards for best friends and artists)
    - bought cards
    By doing so I see how many cards I need/want to paint and that I will run out of stamps for abroad-cards. Plus I need different stamps for those friends who live outside the EC.

    So far the best list in a while!

    I hope I will not start to track my habit of laundry, vacuum cleaning etc. But for lists this journal is perfect!
    And I have a reason to write by hand.
  11. Helloo?!

    No one into bullet journaling here?
  12. I was off to a good start! I've been decent at using it to keep track of appointments and deadlines, but I've been slacking at using it for routine & habits. I'm going to try to pick up the habit/routine forming checks again for 2017.

    I also think I need to break bigger goals into smaller chunks to complete ahead of time. I notice I tend to get overwhelmed and try to complete things in too little time.
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  13. Lets keep this thread alive!
    I can relate to your issues with tracking and goals, @Junkenpo .
    Before I used agendas where I kept track of all my appointments and deadlines. The thing with tracking and goals is new, maybe it just needs time to sink in.
    I track 1 single "habit": sleep :smile:

    I am still totally sceptical when it comes to spending hours with your bullet journal, watching girls stamping and drawing days, dates, daily meals makes me feel uneasy. hahaha.
    Nevertheless I had some interesting conversations about that topic with my SO last weekend. Talking about bullet journals is ... fun?! ;)

    Today I started to search for affirmations I might quote from week to week. I found myself googeling, not finding what I was looking for ... a waste of time.

    What I did notice was that the idea and concept of a bullet journal brought me back to scrapbooking, which I never really did on a passionate level. I might pick a few photos and create nice pages. Which are meant to last. Whereas the pages in the bullet journal pass by quickly....
  14. I need to buy a fancy pre-laid out journal to keep me on track ;_;
  15. Hi! Do you already have a preferred company you purchase these from, or are you still on the hunt for one that works for you? What kind of lay out do you like best?