Bulldog Makes Top 10 Popular Dogs List

  1. Bulldog Makes Top 10 Popular Dogs List

    NEW YORK (AP) - For the first time in 72 years, the bulldog has muscled its way back into the Top 10 most popular breeds in the nation.

    The top dog for the 17th consecutive year was the Labrador retriever, the American Kennel Club said Wednesday. The bulldog was selected 10th in a survey of the 50 largest cities in 2007.

    "The bulldog is both docile and adaptive and can thrive in small or large homes," the AKC said. "It's an excellent all-around family pet."

    The thickset canine, with its low-swung body, sagging snout and wide shoulders, last made the Top 10 list in 1935, when it placed 10th. With the ascent of the bulldog, the miniature Schnauzer dropped off the list.

    The beagle, the only breed that has been consistently included on the Top 10 since 1915, came in fifth.

    Other purebreds that made the most popular dogs list were the Yorkshire terrier at No. 2, followed by the German shepherd, golden retriever, the boxer at No. 6, dachshund, poodle and Shih Tzu.

    The AKC maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world and sets the standards for 157 breeds.
  2. I can honestly believe that the Lab and the Golden Retriever were on the list. I see them everywhere! And for good reason, as they are loveable dogs. I don't know why, but I probably haven't seen a Boxer, Dachshund, Beagle, or Bulldog in years.

    Maybe some parts of the country tend to prefer more of one breed than others? :confused1:
  3. ^^^Perhaps so, LeeLee, I see beagles all the time in Illinois. Beagles and retrievers are used for field work as well as pets around here. I don't see a lot of boxers, though.
  4. I second the notion for goldens! (of course Katie has really biased me!)
  5. I've been seeing a lot of bulldogs since Rob and Big show started. I think they are adorable. I was shocked to see that German Shepherds made the top list. I used to have one growing up and they are great dogs, I just dont' see a lot of them now.
  6. I love english and French Bulldog's. I'd definitely love to have one.
  7. Yay for English Bulldogs! My Snuggle Bear:love: is certainly happy!
  8. Labs are so precious and their whole mission in life is to make sure you are happy. I just love that attitude.
    Of course I love having a combination of blue heeler with a lab but we're definitely deciding to always have a lab in our lives...be it full bred or mixed with cattle dog or something else.

    And I just love bullpuppies. They are funny little things.
  9. YAY beagle in 5th :biggrin:
  10. PS We also love Shar Peis!!!! And Pugs. Where are they? :sad:
  11. Oh, that's a good question!:tup: I see so many people with them at PetSmart and everywhere. It is surprising they weren't on the list.
  12. I used to have a beagle they are great! At the training center the people tend to favor goldens.

    I love my bulldogs though, and I probably would never own another breed.:smile:
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  13. Too cute! We have always had pugs, but I have a strong affection for bulldogs. How do they do as they age? I find the pugs have to be carried up the stairs at night after about age 10. I couldn't imagine having to carry a bulldog:p
  14. As some people here know, i honestly CANNOT say enough about what a WONDERFUL breed bulldogs are. that's my little girl, Cassie Mae, in my avatar. bulldogs are very popular in Georgia (particularly in Athens, where i live) because the University of Georgia has an english bulldog, Uga, as its mascot. I see people with them here all the time, and people that are walking them downtown always get stopped repeatedly for people to pet and play with them. they're extremely well-loved. they're like sacred cows in India here.

    besides that, they're just amazing pets. they're ridiculously loyal and protective of their people, they're very loving and affectionate, they don't require a great deal of space or exercise, and mostly they love nothing more than to just lay on your lap (even if they're heavy enough to make your legs fall asleep after a few minutes). everyone that meets Cassie Mae falls in love with her - we get lots of requests for emailed pictures from out-of-town friends. she's truly Ms. Personality, and even the people at the vet get excited when she comes.

    there's just something about a bulldog that a lot of people can't help but fall in love with. they'll always be the top breed on my list :smile:
  15. Bulldogs and Schnauzers are both my fave breeds..good to see at least one made in on the list.