Bulk buying & matchy-matchy

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  1. When I find something that I like, I tend to get multiples. Like I have a couple of the Stephen Sprouse scarves. Love Quotes scarves? I have four.
    And when I like a bag or something, I want a matching wallet or w/e.
    Shoes? sometimes I'll buy two pair in the same color (if I think they are a forever classic) or at least get them in black and camel.

    Anyone else shop like this?
  2. I do for cable knit sweaters, jeans, tank tops, and sometimes shoes. I know what you mean. Sometimes it is hard to find something that looks good, so when I find something that looks great, I do tend to buy multiples.
  3. I only really buy tank tops in multiple colours. Actually, saying that a few months ago I bought a summery cardigan in four colours!
  4. I did (to a horrible degree!), but recently stopped. I would buy duplicates to store away when the primary wore out, just to find I didn't like the style anymore. I remind myself that even though I fall totally in love with one style, these will always be ones I like more in the future, so it's not worth it to have redunancy taking up space and money in my closet.
  5. I do that, too. Especially with tshirts, tanks and workhorse shoes.
  6. I don't do this much, but I LOVE doing it! It's awesome, once you find a sweater or tank top or just WHATEVER you love so much and always looks great, buy it in as many colours as you can! It's such a good idea, then you have exactly what you want. I found this amazing pair of jeans recently and I'm debating about buying two pairs in the same wash, just because I love it so much.
  7. I only buy multiples when it comes to black or white tank tops. Those are my wardrobe staples and I can always mix and match with those. Aside from that, I hardly buy in bulk. I prefer purchasing different pieces and mixing them up with what I already have in my closet.
  8. I do like to buy wallets to match my purses. I have a few styles of shoes I love that I am planning on buying in more colors. I don't think it's that big a deal for accessories. I also buy some staple pieces of clothing in several colors, like the American Apparel interlock pencil skirt, and the deep v-neck shirt.
  9. I do it with basics like tees and tanks. I don't think I have done it for anything but if I found something I loved that much I probably would.
  10. I do matchy-matchy for necklaces - earrings; bags-shoes (perhaps same colour family, not so much the brand). I buy duplicates like different print for the same range of T-shirts, but that is abt it, I think.
  11. I definitely buy in different colors. For my body type, it's hard to find clothes that fit perfectly. So, when I do, I buy lots!
  12. I do that sometimes too especially with jeans, silk tops and shoes.
  13. Guilty. I don't like drastic change. Wearing similar things often is comforting to me.
  14. I do that sometimes too. i dont think i have same shoes different color though...as far as i can think of right now.
  15. I think I have a signature style lately, so alot of my combinations are the same, just the actual items are different: jeans, heels/boots, scarf, leather jacket/blazer.
    so buying in bulk works for me...