Bulk Buy Genocide or Divided We Conquer?


Bulk Buy Genocide or Divided we Conquer?

  1. Bulk Buy Genocide

  2. Divided We Conquer

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  1. Sorry i couldn't think of any other way to spice up the thread titile :P
    i was wondering... would you prefer to BULK BUY and 'overdose' at one go(and have that nice drunken feeling for the next few days :beach:) or would you prefer to get them one by one and savour the feeling and give the new baby undivided attention? :rolleyes:
  2. I bulk buy, but thats mostly due to geography. I live in Iceland and the selection of designer goods is pretty limited and online purchases are taxed almost 40 % :censor: . Fortunately I travel pretty much but I'm usually pretty pressed for time while shopping so I try to grab as much as I can carry in each trip, lol.
  3. I love bulk buying dont get me wrong... but then I never feel like I am wearing them enough. When I get a new bag I like to live in it for a few weeks and really break it in. Spend some quality one on one time!
  4. Divide and conquer ! That's how Caesar won over Gaul, and that's how I'll fight my handbag wars. ;)
  5. HAhaha...! well put! :P
  6. Divide and conquer. Part of the fun is stalking my prey, it might take awhile but it's worth it :graucho:
  7. couldn't have said it better myself:roflmfao:
  8. oooh i love bulk buying!!!

    then bulk selling!

  9. ditto!
  10. Definitely divide & conquer! That way I can give undivided attention to each and every one of my buggies!
  11. Divide and conquer! It's more fun to use each purse for a little while before I buy another one.
  12. divide & conquer too :P
    it lasts longer