1. Katharine McPhee was a bit bigger when she had(or has) the disease and then she seeked help. Now she is a lot thinner.

    My question is whenever one recovers from bulimic or anorexia, shouldn't the person gains weight instead of losing?
  2. only if they needed to.
    I think she's healthier now, exercises and watches what she eats. Not all bulemics are skinny.
  3. Depends right....sometimes bulimics are at a higher weight than natural because they don't purge all of what they ate and they gain. Most bulimics are slightly over or at their natural weight.
  4. People who suffer from anorexia are way below the weight they should be- typically, bulemics are at a normal weight or a bit overweight. Bulemia manifests in binging and purging- but they consume such a huge amount of calories on binges that they don't purge them all.
  5. I see...I thought whatever they eat...they purge...so it's like they eat nothing.
  6. I had friends who were very thin due to bulima. I guess it all depends on the person/
  7. That's true.
  8. Eating disorders can vary a lot among individuals. One person diagnosed with bulimia may be binging more than purging, so gains weight. Another may purge almost everything she eats (plus limit binges and/or purge through excessive exercise) so that she loses a lot.

    (I took classes on all of this stuff for my history of psychiatry focus, plus had some borderline anorexia problems myself when I was a lot younger, so learned a lot about eating disorders. The one thing you can know for sure is that you can't make sweeping generalizations about people with ED's. One girl (or man!) might weigh 90 lbs but be healthy, another might weigh over 140 lbs, but still be anorexic b/c of her body type and the amount of wieght that she lost. The disordered thinking that perpetuates the behavior is one of the most important aspects in diagnosis/treatment. The actual weight gain/loss and behavior varies significantly).
  9. The worst part about purging is that most calories are absorbed already - you're not actually losing fat, just fluids. So while your net caloric intake may be less, your body is still getting something.

    Also, a number of bulimic cases are flagged by dentists because of the damage that stomach acid causes on teeth. Stomach acid can eat through zinc.. so enamel is a piece of cake. The act of repeated vomitting can also cause tears in the esophagus which can be life threatening.
  10. scientists found that bulimics who consumed 2000calories were only purging around 100calories. so weight is gained like crazy.
  11. Yes, purging through vomitting is an ineffective form of weight control. Regarding what Ayla said about fluid loss, that is what caused Terri Shiavo's comma. She was bulimic and developed an electrolyte imbalance as a result of her constant purges.
    I agree with MandM, it's the eating disordered attitudes that are among the most important. What is healthy size for one, may be unhealthy for another.
    One othe comment, Margaret Cho (a Korean-American comedian) reports that she had a really unhealthy attittude with food and it affected her eating behaviors. Once she decided to make peace with food and actually feed herself, she ended up losing weight and felt healthier than when she had fixated on food and worried about everything she ate!
  12. A few years back I was a serious binge/purger - and I was always overweight. It was more of a psychological thing - logically there is no way to purge ALL of what you ate.
  13. a few of my friends were bulimic but they never lost a lot of weight (well, one REALLY did but she turned anorexic and landed herself in the hospital for 4 months :sad:), they purged because they were guilty about eating..
  14. It varies depending on the person. I've experienced bouts of bulimia on and off since my teens. My weight has been up, up and away since I am currently not purging. Its really difficult because in my head its really simple to convince myself just a month or so of full on purging will get me closer to my goal weight. Alas, I take my plump rump to the gym and the track to walk instead.
  15. RE: the snippet below...

    It really depends on how soon you purge after eating. Most bulimics know not wait too long as food tends to start breaking down and becoming acidic (from stomach acids.) Believe me, you can keep bringing forth nearly everything consumed until all you have left to vomit is stomach acids.

    If memory serves me correctly, its been a while since I've seen an eating disorder counselor, you can throw up about 85% of all food consumed. It was in the eighty percentile but I don't remember the exact numeral.

    "The worst part about purging is that most calories are absorbed already - you're not actually losing fat, just fluids. So while your net caloric intake may be less, your body is still getting something. "