Bulgari serpenti forever leather bracelet

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  1. 23A0005E-24CB-4944-A196-5C744412A91A.jpeg Saw these bracelets recently on Instagram. Does anyone have one? Think it would serve as a great spacer between bangles - specifically the ones that look similar to the hermes hapi bracelets. Would love to know how these hold up and would love to see some stacks. Thanks in advance!
  2. Love seeing this! I have had my bracelet for a year now and wear it several times a week. I purchased it at the Bulgari boutique on Rodeo Drive and mine has a black band with a bit of a sparkle and that beautiful enamel snake. Saw a pretty buff colored one in NYC at the Bulgari boutique just a few weeks ago and was very tempted. Love this bracelet alone or stacked with all sorts of other bracelets. Looks as good today as the day I bought it and I get many compliments when I wear it. I do keep it stored in its original pouch when not on my arm.
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  3. Love the pink but am personally not a fan of leather bracelets - they'll slowly absorb sweat and/or lotion from your skin, eventually become gross, and you can't wash them.
  4. image.jpg
    True in general but because this bracelet has metal against the skin so the leather isn’t touching, it hasn’t been a problem.
  5. Thank you for your thoughts! And for sharing the photo!
  6. I wanted this bracelet several years ago and, like always, I stalled and debated for too long. By the time I went to buy one, they were out of all the colors I was interested in and it seemed like they were phasing it out. Sounds like they’re back in effect. I must have a look!
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  7. IMG_1473.JPG

    Teal/turquoise is one of my fav colors—love the pop of color, esp against black—very comfy and easy to wear[emoji173]️[emoji173]️.
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