Bulgari keycahin as pendant?


Key chain pendant?

  1. GO for it?

  2. What?! No way!

  3. Hmmmm undecided

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  1. I love Bulgari's stuff and often cant afford it, i came across this keyring. this eBay seller displays it as a pendant (i am not sure of the authenticity but i will only purchase through store picture is just as an example) I would use a thin leather black strip to tie to it, do you think its looks silly or too branded? btw i am a guy so keep it in consideration.

  2. Heres another pic more true to how i would wear it although probably longer again unsure of authenticity.
  3. I think its cute:heart::graucho:~why not?!
  4. Not to my liking.
  5. definitely better on a guy than a girl
  6. ^ Really i asked some of my friends and they said it looks more feminine than masculine. I'm falling for it but I'm not sure if its worth the price.