Bulgari Bzero1 ring

  1. I love this ring but at the moment i cant afford it, what do you guys suggest is the best size for a man? 1, 2 or 3 coils? it would definately be in white gold because i am a silver boy! I adore bulgari i love everything they have along with georg jenson they are my fav jewlery designers. I cant stand cartier because i find thier designs way to classical and simple, and anything i like is into the $100 000s equally with tiffanys, they have some nice stuff but thier diamonds is what makes them and beuase of the name price-up they are way out of my legue. but GJ and bulgari i find have very modern attractive everyday jewlery at reasonable prices andway thats my 2 cents
  2. go for the boldest size make a statement :yes:
  3. Oh I love that ring, My mum and dad bought me it for graduating 2years ago. I have it in white gold and one line of diamonds. I think its a classic beautiful ring. It also really nice in yellow gold. :smile:
  4. any photos?
  5. this is small (1 coil):
    this is the medium (2 coils):
    this is the large (3 coils):
    I would get it in white gold, and i dont know if any of these are real but i assume they mad ethem to the correct sizes, if i did decide to get i tit owuld be from the boutique so i know its real
  6. I agree with Lilach...if you can handle and carry off the largest size that is what I would go with. Make the statement.
  7. I love the B.zero line. I want to get the bangle in yellow gold this year. I tried it on last year in St. Martin and I didn't get it because I had already bought too, too much stuff, and I regret it.

    Just don't get it anywhere but Bulgari or an authorized dealer -- the SAs here in NY and in St. Thomas (when I bought my Bulgari necklace 2 years ago) told me that line is widely counterfeited. : (
  8. What's the starting price of a one coil ring?
  9. One coil Bvlgari ring is about $850 in white gold. I have one. View attachment 31949

    I am a male but I have small finger. So one coil is pretty big for me. I would say depending on your ring size, I only wear 7.5. If you have a normal men's ring size like 10/11, then go for the 2/3 coils. Of course the more coil it is, the more expensive it gets.


    P.S. One/two coil rings are no much difference, in terms on appearance. Almost similar anyway. But of course 3 coils would made a statement.
  10. wow you guys have it cheap in the states, here in oz its $1100 for the one coil $1350 for 2 coil and i cant remember how much 3 is i giess around $1500, it looks great on you darien, i dont know my ring size in us but im size N at bulgari
  11. According to this ring size chart, you are size 6.75. Hehe, I think one coil ring should looked nice and comfortable on you. Thanks for the compliment, it's my wedding ring/band.