Bulgari bags

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  1. There's a Bulgari shop down the street from me and I never knew that they did handbags until I stepped in to check them out....I have always thought of them as jewelers.

    Alas - as you can imagine, their bags are to die for, absolutely GORGEOUS leather and excellent workmanship.

    You will find very little info about this brand on TPF - only in that they are not mass distributed.

    It's a great looking bag!
  2. interesting...im sure theyre stunning
  3. I have a canvas and leather Bvlgari logo bag that I never really got around to carrying, though it seemed like a good staple at the time. I'm not sure many people really know much about them... It's really good quality, though.

  4. Oh, and the lining is orange, which makes me happy:smile:

  5. Not many people are into Bvlgari bags.
    Especially in Singapore, where it is way over-priced.

    I bought mine at Seoul boutique.
    The bag design is called Alize.
    I love it a lot and bought the matching keyring when I return to Singapore :P

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  6. Gorgeous Bag!
    I always thought Bulgari is for bling blings and watches... and they "diversified" into bags to make more $$$, hence they are not really bag experts.
    But this bag is nice!
  7. I have also wondered about them - there are a few at the Dept Store where they also sell the jewelry etc etc. I haven't looked too closely as I suspected they would be way expensive but kraystone, I LOVE yours!! Might have a closer look next time ...
  8. i have seen Bvlgari bags (the canvas with their logo signatures) at my local TJ maxx a few times. They're very pretty and good craftmanship, but expensive even at TJ maxx
  9. kraystone, your Bvlgari is totally TDF!
    I've fallen in love with a few of their bags, delicious materials.
    I do believe it's cheaper in Seoul, due to the weak Won, however, would you happen to know the percentage of savings against buying in Singapore for your bag? TIA!
  10. i like the shape of that one
  11. eye.bag:
    Thanks for the compliments! :P
    I share the same thoughts as you, that they're expanding into the bag business to increase revenue. However it seems that the popularity of their bags are still not in par with those famous bag brands. When I first brought the bag to work, my colleagues were attracted to it but they couldn't find the brand (which is actually on the zippers...)

    Yes the leather ones are quite nice. I like their asymmetrical design and bling... :graucho:
    In Singapore, the bags are only available in a boutique downtown.

    The craftsmanship is excellent but... I doubt the functionality...
    The side pockets are easy to access but the top is a bit hard to dig your hands into when the bag is full.

    For my bag, the savings is around 20%, enough to buy a round-trip ticket!
    I think it is similar with other bags because I was eyeing on another design before I saw this.
    Yes, it's also cheaper thanks to the weak Won:yahoo:

    Thanks~ My friend commented that it suits me a lot.
  12. I've seen this bag as well and while I was tempted to pull the trigger on a Cartier bag, I'm opting for this one.
    She's a beauty and she looks comfy
  13. Good choice Roe!

    She's beautiful but the other thing which I would like to wish for is that I can put my documents in.
  14. Kraystone...I loveeeee that bag. I love all the pleating.

    I have a few of their wallets and as of today own 2 of their bags.
    The bags are excellent.
    The one I got today is called 'Rowena' and is a light green goat leather, tote style bag. Also fully leather lined.
    I got it at 60% off.....can't go wrong.
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