Bulgari B.zero1 Bracelet

  1. Hi!

    Does anyone know the price of the men's b.zero bracelet? I know the price in Australia (over $3k) and thought because of the decent exchange rate, I might purchase it from the US. So could someone please help me and let me know what the price is?

  2. Sorry Im from Australia so I cant help you with that. But can I just say I love this bracelet!

    I bought it for my now husband, as an engagement gift to him and it just looks so amazing, he always gets compliments on it. Dont know if there are different ones in the BZero range but his is like a bangle, yellow gold around the outside and stainless steel in the middle. (I was hoping it would be white gold but its not.) Is this the one your talking about?? :drool:

    I paid $2800 for it about 3 years ago.Then I got him the Bzero white gold 3band ring for his wedding ring. He loves em! :heart: