Bulga vs Botkier - who is more original?

  1. As a HUGE fan of bulga (as you can see from my previous posts) I also always liked botkier bags - I own the bianca - but lately I've become more loyal to bulga, botkier just doesn't seem to do it for me. I think bulga is more original and has the most amazing leather quality. i always get complicated when i wear their bag.

    just bringing it out to the forum - what do you guys think?!b
  2. I really think that it depends on the particular bag. I love the Bianca and the hobo with the zippered front and horn (don't know the name of it) and I have two Bulgas. I'm not liking the latest bags by Bulga though but the leather is by far the most luxurious.
  3. I absolutely adore Bulga - but it's true, the Fall bags are quite strange. Maybe Bulga is just a little TOO original? :lol:
  4. I just ADORE Bulga! I missed out on some great bags...but am trying to hunt them down! :hysteric:
  5. Bulga is more original, but then I feel like i'm sticking out in the crowd so blatantly, and I don't like that. But I also don't like it how the botkier trigger seems so similar to balenciaga.

    I wish they'd get together and find a happy medium, that would be great :smile:
  6. I :heart: bulga!!!!! I have a three of them and adore the leather and the looks. As for the new fall bags, there are a few styles I like, but definitely not all. As for Botkier, I have two triggers and I find them very functional. Her newer line of bags are much more ornate than in the past. I really like her rose collections and think the metal through the shoulder strap is a neat idea. But as a general rule, I pick bulga over botkier anytime!
  7. I have to say that IMHO the Botkier is more original lately. I own several Bulga's and several Botkier's and everyone compliments me more on the Botkier's. This fall I'm loving the Botkier Cairo Hobo which I just purchased and it is stunning. My handbag contact at Nordstrom's said that she just put them on the floor today and they are almost sold out already.
  8. I ADORE Bulga, but also really like botkier. I own a botkier clyde in pale gold and a bulga studded bedium hobo in cocoa. I have to say that although I think there is no comparison of leather- bulga absolutely takes the cake- botkier has been outshinning bulga as far as design goes for some time. the new bags that bulga came out with just didnt impress me 4 some reason. Botkier has really come out with some AWESOME designs latley. I really wish bulga would do a whole new line that also has some of their old classic bags and i also would LOVE to see more color on bulgas- it seems lately they are only introducing blah colors.