Bulga vs. Andrea Brueckner

  1. Umm..my bag obsession is getting a little crazy :wacko: I am CONSTANTLY looking up new bags..my bf said its worse than drugs!!!! Anyway..what do you think of these bags? Which do you like better?
    46_1.jpg andbw002tan.jpg
  2. I like the AB better than this Bulga but love love the large Bulga in that style
  3. Does anyone have a Bulga bag? How is the leather? I don't know why I'm falling in love with this bag...I don't normally like studs OR tassles!!
  4. I have the AB, and I love it! The Bulga bag looks a bit like a pair of shorts to me. I read that somewhere...maybe here, and ever since then I can't see anything else when I look at a Bulga!
  5. I have that Bulga in green and I love it. The leather is incredibly sumptuous and the fit on my shoulder is very comfortable indeed.
  6. I think the Bulga looks softer. :love:
  7. i don't really like the look of the bulga...my vote is for the ab
  8. I prefer the Bulga.
  9. I think the AB will do better as time goes on. I know some people think that the AB's are just like BV knock-offs... But that woven leather look does stick around for awhile....

    And I love the color of the AB.
  10. hehehe you funny!
  11. AB got my vote!
  12. Bulga for sure!!!!
  13. I like AB but not the hobo; I have the bucket. The bulga is cute...I like the color.
  14. I agree, an alternative to BV, great style!
  15. same here.. AB :biggrin: and its color will last longer :amuse: